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Are you feeling confused about the Common Application? We've got you covered! Join Quad Education for our Understanding the Common Application Webinar.

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What the Common Application is and why it’s important
How to fill out each section of the application
Answers to your questions about the application process

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July 9, 2024 | 7 p.m. ET (4 p.m. PT)

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Meet the Panelists

Admissions Counselor - University of Michigan & Columbia University

Varna received a Bachelor of Science in Cellular, Molecular, and Developmental Biology and English from the University of Michigan. After her undergraduate degree, she pursued a Master of Public Health in Health Policy and Analysis at Columbia University.

Varna was a member of the admissions team at Columbia University, conducting admissions interviews for prospective students. She has coached many students through medical school applications helping with resume and CV development, personal statement writing, and interviews. As a member of the admissions team at Columbia, Varna conducted over 200 interviews, working closely with the department to field questions from prospective applicants throughout the admissions process.

Admissions Counselor - Harvard University

As a first-generation international student, Pamela understands the challenges applicants face without access to resources. This personal history fuels her passion for ensuring that aspiring students are well-informed about the expectations of college admissions officers, recognizing the often opaque nature of the process.

With a background deeply rooted in education and academia, Pamela has witnessed the transformative power of learning throughout her professional life. She strategically emphasizes the importance of working hard and smart, instilling a holistic approach to the application process in her students. She navigates the complexities of the admissions process, acknowledging that merit is not the sole determinant. 


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