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We value partnerships with individuals and organizations that can support our mission of helping high-caliber college applicants from around the world achieve their dreams. Our affiliate program offers up to $2,500 per sale.

How We Work Together

Co-Branded Marketing and Informational Materials

Includes our college guides, case studies, articles, and more

Co-Hosted Information Sessions and Webinars

Our senior admissions counselors provide in-depth insights into the college admissions process

Access to Quad Education Insider Newsletter and Communication

Invite only newsletter that shares exclusive information about the college application and trends

Custom Collateral for High-Value Partnerships

Our product marketing team creates case studies and articles catered to your audience

Simple and Friendly Payment Terms

7% Commission on all Sales


Payments sent in just 72 hours after purchase

Storytelling Specialists

Everyone has interesting and unique life and work experiences. What matters most is how you communicate them to the Admissions Committee. Our team of experts knows how to weave disparate experiences into one coherent story.

A Team That Understands Your Industry

Did you play a leadership role on a big leveraged buyout? Were you responsible for driving a 100% increase in Sales Qualified Leads? We understand what you are saying. Our team consists of experts with experience in over 40 industries and 30 functional areas. We match you with an expert from your industry and functional area so that your experiences don’t get lost in translation.

Experts Who Know What Goes On Inside The Admissions Committee

Our network of experts understands what goes on behind the closed doors of Admissions Committee discussions. We ensure you are always well informed. The result is an application that reflects nuances appreciated by each individual Admissions Committee.

We Always Provide Personalized, One-on-One Advice

We believe the best way to provide guidance is through one-on-one conversations. Be it over email, phone, or video, our discussions are always personal and confidential. We never hold group discussions or ask you to review videos or online tutorials.

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What We Do

Quad Education specializes in supporting students throughout the college admissions process and helping them take charge of their higher education journeys. Our comprehensive college admissions consulting service is dedicated to maximizing your chances of acceptance at the nation’s most competitive institutions. 

We offer personalized, end-to-end guidance throughout the admissions process, from school selection and application navigation to personal statement building, essay editing, interview prep, and more. 

Our programs also encompass customized, one-on-one ACT and SAT tutoring. These programs target student improvement areas and are individualized to cater to each student’s learning style, needs, and goals. Our expert tutors offer compassionate support and instruction to help students maximize their SAT or ACT scores. 

With a 98% success rate, Quad Education Group is committed to helping every student make their dreams of attending the nation’s top schools more attainable.