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Our private school admissions consultants maximize your chances of acceptance to the nation’s top private high schools, preschools, and boarding schools. We personalize every aspect of your private school application to ensure they’re top-quality, from tailored school selection and essay editing to strategic interview prep.
Our end-to-end college application counseling gives you the tools and expert editing you need to gain acceptance to the most selective undergraduate programs. We customize every part of your application and perfect it, from the CommonApp to your interviews and more.
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Our Counselors Have Helped Students Get Into

Phillips Academy Andover
Choate Rosemary Hall
Phillips Exeter Academy
Groton School
Trinity School
St. Mark's School of Texas
The College Preparatory School
Commonwealth School
The Nueva School
Riverdale Country School
Stanford Online School
The Brearly School

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Private high school, boarding school, and preschool application counseling focused on your success at every step
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Our Private School Admissions Counselors Provide Compassionate Support At Every Step

We’re passionate about matching you with a private school admissions consultant who can provide the continued support you need at every step of the private school application process. Our expert admissions counselors are committed to giving your child the best chance of success at the nation’s top private schools. We prioritize ensuring applicants have the skills and one-on-one guidance needed to craft a winning private school application.
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A Personalized Approach And Application Schedule For Every Student

At Quad Education, we understand that every student has a unique background, interests, passions, and stories. Our private school application consultants spend time getting to know the families we work with to tailor our advice, application plans, and process. We create detailed, original private school application plans for families that work around busy schedules.

School Selection, Profile Development, Essay Editing, and More

We learn more about students and families and their needs, aspirations, and preferences based on our intake form and conversations. We use your input to build a varied list of your best-fit private schools. We dive deep into your interests and passions to strategically position your child as a stellar candidate at any school. Our private school admissions counselors are writing experts, leaving no stone unturned as we help you write and refine admissions essays and other application materials.
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Rigorous Private School Interview Prep

Private high schools not only seek students who display academic excellence but who demonstrate community spirit and the strong character traits required of compassionate leaders. Private preschools tend to hold parent interviews. Our rigorous interview prep process gives you and your child the actionable, concrete feedback you need to align your interviewing and communication skills with what top private schools expect.

Every Element Of The Private School Application Process, Expertly Handled

Pre-application support

Pre-application Support

Identify passions, interests, and meaningful experiences
Build application narrative
Identify, engage, and support recommenders
Create detailed project plan
Best-fit school selection strategy
Application writing and editing

Application Writing and Editing

Private school application essays
Application form support
Every document, edited to perfection
Interview prep

Interview Prep and Financial Aid Support

Multiple interview simulations
Prep for every interview format
Financial aid application navigation

Our Comprehensive Private School Application Process


1. Identify Best-Fit Schools


2. Create Application Strategy


3. Draft Application


4. Write Compelling Admissions Essays/Documents


5. Edit and Iterate


6. Prepare For Interviews


7. Decide Which School To Attend!

Private School Admissions Support Packages

Our Programs

Number of Applications
Admissions Strategy/Strategic Positioning Based On Student Needs/Preferences
Applicant Persona Development (Narrative Development)
Detailed Application Timeline & Tracker
Application Form Navigation & Editing
Admissions Essay Brainstorming & Editing
School Tour Advising
Letter Of Recommendation Support/Strategy
Interview Prep (Parent and Student)
Testing Advice
Waitlist Support and Advising
Bonus Hour With a College Admissions Consultant ($300 Value)













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What Quad Education Students Are Saying


When should I start working on my private school application?

The application process can be time-consuming, and application materials and expectations can vary by school. Based on what we’ve seen with past clients, we recommend preparing at least three months before deadlines.

When should parents start working on private preschool applications?

Applying to private preschools can be a lengthy process. We recommend parents begin the process at least three months before application deadlines to maximize their child’s chances of acceptance to a private preschool.

Do you work with students in grades 9, 10, and 11?

Yes, our private high school admissions consultants work with high school students already enrolled in private or public schools. Whether you’re attending high school next year or want to spend your senior year at a private school, we’re ready to help you maximize your chances of acceptance!

Do you support parents interviewing at private preschools?

Yes, we help parents prepare for private preschool interviews. These interviews are crucial; schools want to get a sense of who the parents are of the children in their class, as you’ll likely see and meet with staff and educators often.

What if I don’t like my private school admissions consultant?

Every member of our team must undergo a meticulous selection process and steps before they join us. Our selective process ensures our private school admissions consultants are knowledgeable, skilled, and passionate about your success. 

Getting to know each other can take some time, and getting along with your admissions counselor is imperative to your application's success. We understand that building a relationship may not happen overnight; it can take time for your counselor to better understand your background, goals, and preferences. 

We try not to undo the progress you’ve made by switching your private school admissions counselor, but you can contact us if you have any issues or concerns. Our priorities are your happiness and helping you reach your goals; we’ll do everything we can to help, including switching counselors.

How does working with Quad Education give me an edge over other applicants?

Our experienced private school admissions counselors understand the inner workings of the admissions process. When you partner with us, we share our insider knowledge with you to help you create and tailor the perfect application. 

Our admissions consultants stay updated on school trends and admissions intake criteria – we communicate these relevant insights to you to strengthen your application.

How does Quad Education select its private school admissions counselors?

Our private school admissions counselors undergo a rigorous screening process to ensure we only work with the best-fit members for our team. Only 2.5% of admissions counselors we speak to are invited to join our team. 

Our screening process involves multiple steps: a personality assessment, industry knowledge tests, and real case-based scenarios using past applications. We use these steps to evaluate counselor communication skills, insights, and excellency.

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The Quad Factor: Working with us can increase your chances of admission by 11x!

The Best of the Best: Our team comprises of only 99th percentile tutors and admissions counselors from top-ranking universities, meaning you work with only the most experienced, talented experts.

The Free Consultation: Our experts would love to get to know you, your background, goals, and needs. From there, they match you with a best-fit consultant who will create a detailed project plan and application strategy focused on your success.