Customized US & UK Application Support Services for Students in Austria

Our university admissions consulting services are specifically designed to help Austrian students apply to US and UK schools. Our team is passionate about breaking down barriers for international applicants as they provide the detailed guidance Austrian students need to maximize their chances of success. Whether you’re dreaming of the Ivy League, Oxbridge, or other top schools, Quad Education is here to help you get there.
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Customized US & UK Application Support Services for Students in Austria

Quad Education Helps Austrian Students Effortlessly Navigate the Admissions Process

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Step-By-Step US/UK Application Support Services For Austrian Students

Pre-application support

Common App & UCAS Pre-Application Guidance

Determine your most impactful extracurricular/academic experiences
Targeted school selection
Tailored recommendation letter strategy
Craft a detailed project schedule
Application writing and editing

UCAS & Common Application Navigation, Building & Editing

UCAS/Common Application support
Personal statement & supplemental essay drafting
Detailed application/essay editing
Interview prep

Interview Prep, Scholarship Guidance, and Ongoing Help At Every Step

School-specific/Ivy League/Oxbridge interview preparation
Scholarship searching
Scholarship application building and editing
Waitlist support

Continued Support At Every Step: A Strategic Approach to US/UK Admissions Processes


1. Select Best-Fit Schools


2. Create a Compelling Application Narrative


3. Draft UCAS/Common Application


4. Edit And Iterate


5. Tailored Interview Prep


6. Apply For Scholarships


7. Accept Your Offer!

Unrivaled US/UK Application Support for Austrian Students

Quad Education believes in breaking down higher education barriers for Austrian students ready to attend prestigious US or UK institutions. That’s why our college admissions consultants in Austria are dedicated to ensuring you have the best foundation and support possible to craft the ultimate application. They will help you demonstrate your candidacy, from recommendation letter strategies and application navigation to essay building and interview prep.

Unrivaled US/UK Application Support for Austrian Students
One-of-a-Kind Application Plans & Strategies
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One-of-a-Kind Application Plans & Strategies

Your application plan and strategy are customized to be just as unique as you are. Applying to UK/US schools as an Austrian student can be challenging as you navigate admissions requirements and deadlines. Our personalized project plans are built to suit the needs, preferences, and schedules of Austrian students. These plans ensure you hit key milestones, assemble all necessary documents, and submit them on time.

US/UK Application Narrative Development and Essay Polishing

Refining your application means determining your most impactful experiences and transforming them into compelling narratives. Our persona assessment document helps us uncover your most impactful stories, experiences, and traits so you can write unique, captivating admissions essays. Your counselor will carefully edit your work for grammar, spelling, word choice, sentence structure, transitions, impact, and more, all while keeping your writer’s voice and style intact.

US/UK Application Narrative Development and Essay Polishing
Become a Superstar Admissions Interviewee With Mock Simulations

Become a Superstar Admissions Interviewee With Mock Simulations

Our US & UK admissions consultants are interview coaches who specialize in helping international students prepare for admissions interviews at Oxbridge, Ivy League schools, and other top institutions in the United States and the United Kingdom. Engaging in tailored interview prep helps you build confidence and familiarity with each school’s interview process. Your counselor will share insights and actionable feedback with you after each session to help you improve your interview skills and delivery.

We Work with Students All Across Austria

From Bregenz's streets to Innsbruck's alpine charm, our team of college counselors in Vienna and beyond has helped students navigate the university application process in every corner of Austria. Whether you're located in Graz, Linz, Salzburg, Klagenfurt, Villach, Wels, or beyond, our counselors know how to get you to where you want to study.

We Work with Students All Across Austria


When is the best time for Austrian students to start the application process?

Applying to schools in the United States and the United Kingdom as a student in Austria takes time. You must understand the differences in the process, meet admissions requirements, and gather all the necessary documents. We encourage Austrian students to start the application process at least three months before they plan to apply, but we acknowledge that every student’s needs, strengths, and schedules are different. Having more time to perfect your application is always an asset; start early whenever possible!

Can you help me apply to Oxford and Cambridge?

Austrian students can only apply to either Oxford or Cambridge. If you’re wondering which school is better suited to your needs and interests, our experts can help you evaluate your options!

Do you help Austrian students applying to UK & US universities?

We’re happy to help students in Austria apply to both American and British schools in the same application cycle.

Why should students in Austria work with Quad Education?

Our team is well-versed in UK/US admissions processes and has extensive experience strategically positioning international applicants. We have years of experience in mentorship/admissions and use our expertise to help you tailor your application documents to top schools’ expectations.

Additionally, our immense network helps us stay updated on new admissions criteria and trends, and we share these timely insights with you to further refine your applications.

Who are your US/UK admissions experts?

Quad Education’s admissions consultants undergo a rigorous selection process to ensure their talent, knowledge, and expertise. Of all the admissions experts we speak to each year, only 2.5% are welcomed onto our team. Curious about our selection process? Click here to learn more!

How do you support students in Austria through the application process?

Our online private admissions counseling means Austrian students have access to the support they need throughout the entire admissions cycle. Our end-to-end application support services encompass all parts of the process, from school selection and pre-app support until you receive all your admissions decisions.

Can you help Austrian students apply to other top US schools?

Yes, our support services extend to Austrian students applying to other US schools, such as Stanford University, Northwestern University, and the University of Chicago.

Can you help Austrian students apply to other UK institutions?

Yes, we assist Austrian students applying to other UK universities, whether or not they also have Oxbridge on their lists.

Can You Help With Choosing the Right College in the US or in the UK?

Yes, our dedicated counselors in Austria can help you apply to any school, whether it’s Uxbridge in the UK or Harvard in the US.

Do You Work with Parents Seeking Advice for Their Children?

Yes, we also work with parents who need advice for their children. Parents can use our admissions services to guarantee their child has support throughout their entire educational journey.

US/UK Application Support Services for Austrian Students

We provide Common/UCAS Application guidance throughout the entire application process

Early Candidacy Building

Work with our expert UK/US admissions counselors to differentiate your profile years before you plan to apply. Plan for your future early and receive strategic edits on UCAS/Common App documents before submission.

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