Quad Education Partnerships Open More Doors to Higher Education Opportunities

We work with organizations, corporations, schools, publications, and individuals committed to making the college admissions landscape navigable for all students.

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Putting Students First For 15+ Years

We’re a college admissions consulting firm dedicated to leveling the playing field and maximizing every student’s chances of acceptance. Our counselors help students understand the admissions process, share their stories, edit application documents, practice for interviews, apply for scholarships, and more.
We’re proud to partner with many organizations, schools, and others who share our vision. These collaborations lead to new opportunities, shared knowledge, and unwavering support for students ready to take the next step in their academic journeys.
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Meet Our College Admissions Counselors

Our counselors have reviewed more than 211,000+ applications, have attended the nation’s most prestigious schools, and have years of experience in admissions and student mentorship.
Admissions Counselor - Harvard University & Georgetown University
Admissions Counselor - Harvard University
Admissions Counselor - Harvard University
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Why Choose Quad Education?

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A Leader in College Admissions Consulting  

Our college admissions consulting experience is backed by 15+ years of experience—our team has helped countless students get accepted to the nation’s most competitive schools, including Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Columbia, Caltech, Princeton, and others.
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An Expansive Network With Expertise You Can Count On

Quad Education’s 150+ college admissions counselors and top-scoring SAT/ACT tutors have extensive experience and a passion for mentorship—our 98% success rate to their skills and expertise.
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Flexible Partnerships for Every Need

Whether you’re a parent organization seeking high-quality resources or a publication seeking thought leadership from the country’s top industry experts, our partnerships are crafted to meet and exceed your needs.
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Reach a Broader Audience With Unwavering Support

Sponsoring events, multimedia publications, and high schools is core to our mission—financing your activities and expanding your reach is made simpler with Quad Education’s support.

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