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Your digital companion and ultimate organizational tool—the college admissions process just got easier
Our end-to-end college application counseling gives you the tools and expert editing you need to gain acceptance to the most selective undergraduate programs. We customize every part of your application and perfect it, from the CommonApp to your interviews and more.
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About Quad College Planner

Quad Education’s interactive college admissions planning tool is designed to help you streamline the process, systematically check items off your application to-do list, and stay on track for submission. Quad College Planner allows students and families to receive tailored assistance from our team of admissions specialists, ensuring you get the compassionate, one-on-one support you deserve anytime, anywhere. 
Streamline the Application Process
Tailor your college list, view deadlines, and keep application documents secure in one convenient location.
Research Different Colleges
Compare and learn about schools to build the ultimate list of safety, target, and reach colleges.
Access Admissions Resources
Ask questions, chat with your admissions counselor, and access informative articles and webinars to empower you to navigate the admissions process confidently. 

Unlimited Application Document Reviews:

Receive personalized guidance as you write personal statements, create supplemental essays, build your activities list, and any other application document. Your counselor will provide redline edits and written feedback as they suggest changes in grammar, word usage, sentence structure, tonality, flow, and more.

View Your Calendar and Book Appointments:

Ready to deep-dive into school selection, persona assessment, or essay editing with your counselor? View your calendar to book or manage appointments.

Standardized Test Tracker:

Plan SAT/ACT test dates and registration deadlines to boost your prep strategy. Keep track of your SAT/ACT composite and section scores for self-reporting.

Manage Application Statuses:

Get an overview of your current application statuses and admissions decisions to help you make informed decisions on communicating with colleges, taking the next steps, and accepting offers.

Ask Questions Anytime:

Get answers to your admissions and financial aid questions, whether big or small. Your counselor will connect with you within 48 hours.

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Why Quad College Planner?

User-friendly interface meets personalized, expert advising—our dynamic college planning tool caters to your every need
Centralized Organization
Say goodbye to scattered documents and overwhelming spreadsheets. Quad College Planner provides a centralized platform where you can store all your college-related information, including deadlines, application materials, and communication with admissions offices.
Personalized Guidance
Receive personalized guidance tailored to your unique aspirations and preferences. From creating a customized college list to crafting standout application essays, our platform offers invaluable insights and tips to help you stand out to admissions committees.
Deadline Management
Never miss an important deadline again! Quad College Planner's intuitive interface allows you to track application deadlines, to-do list items, standardized test dates, and other crucial milestones, ensuring you stay on track and can continually assess your progress throughout the application process.
Collaboration Tools
Planning for college is a collaborative effort, and Quad College Planner makes it easy to communicate with counselors, teachers, and mentors. Share your progress, receive feedback on application materials, and read messages and emails to stay connected with your support network every step of the way.
Resource Library
Access a wealth of resources, including articles, webinars, and expert advice to enhance your college planning experience. Whether you're seeking information on financial aid opportunities or researching potential majors, Quad College Planner has you covered.
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