One-on-One UK/US College Admissions Support For Singapore Students

Are you a Singaporean student who dreams of attending the US or UK’s best universities? Start your journey toward college success today with Quad Education—Singapore students who work with us are 11x more likely to get accepted. Whether you’re applying to the Ivy League, Oxbridge, or other top institutions, we’re here to help you maximize your chances of success. Are you ready to jump in?
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One-on-One UK/US College Admissions Support For Singapore Students

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Admissions Counselor - Stanford University and Rice University
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Common/UCAS Application Guidance for Singapore Students

Pre-application support

UCAS/Common App Pre-Application Support

Determine meaningful extracurricular/academic experiences
Tailored school selection and list building
Identify, engage, and support recommenders
Create a detailed project schedule
Application writing and editing

UCAS & Common Application Building and Refining

UCAS/Common Application navigation
Personal statement drafting
Detailed application/essay editing
Interview prep

Interview Prep, Scholarship Guidance, and Ongoing Help At Every Step

School-specific/Ivy League/Oxbridge interview preparation
Scholarship searching
Scholarship application review and editing
Waitlist support

An Overview of Quad Education’s US/UK Admissions Support Process for Singaporean Students


1. Select Best-Fit Schools


2. Create a Compelling Application Narrative


3. Draft UCAS/Common Application


4. Edit And Iterate


5. Tailored Interview Prep


6. Apply For Scholarships


7. Accept Your Offer!

Helping Singapore Students Effortlessly Navigate the US/UK Application Process

We’re committed to providing concrete, high-level guidance throughout the college admissions process. Whether you’re applying to top universities in the US, UK, or a mix of both, we understand that there’s a lot to manage regarding application components and deadlines. Our top priority is maximizing your chances of success across the entire cycle, from selecting schools and crafting stellar essays to preparing for interviews and much more.

Helping Singapore Students Effortlessly Navigate the US/UK Application Process
Benefit From Customized, Original Application Support
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Benefit From Customized, Original Application Support

Applying to American and British schools as a Singaporean student required excellent time management and organizational skills. Your expert UK/US admissions counselors will build you an original project plan designed to align with your goals and needs while fitting into your busy schedule.

All-Inclusive Support and Application Construction for College Admissions Advisory

We know that every Singaporean student we coach has varying interests, passions, and experiences. Our counselors will help you develop an impactful application narrative that encompasses every detail of your personal identity. We provide extensive support for all the different aspects of your application, making sure that every document you submit is top-tier.

All-Inclusive Support and Application Construction for College Admissions Advisory
End-to-End Support for Students from Singapore to Get Into UK and US Top Schools

End-to-End Support for Students from Singapore to Get Into UK and US Top Schools

Our US/UK admissions counselors are ready to support Singapore students through every step of the application process. Whether you want to attend an Ivy League school or a prestigious UK institution, we’ll provide all the guidance you need, wherever and whenever you need it. From crafting an application narrative to receiving your acceptance letter, we’ll be by your side. 

We Work in All Areas of Singapore

Students all across Singapore can work with our team to find success at competitive US/UK colleges! We offer expert college counseling with admission consultants across all areas of Singapore, Bedok, Jurong, Tampines, and more. You can chart your path to acceptance at your dream US/UK college with the help of our professional consulting team!

We Work in All Areas of Singapore


When is the ideal time to start working on my UK/US university application?

Applying to US/UK universities as an international student takes time. It encompasses understanding the admissions process, completing the UCAS and/or Common Application, crafting stellar admissions essays, and more.

It’s advisable to start the prep process at least three months before application deadlines. However, it's important to note that the time needed to create and refine your application could extend beyond this timeframe. We always recommend starting early where possible!

Can I submit applications to both Oxford University and Cambridge University?

You’re permitted to apply to either Cambridge or Oxford University. If you're contemplating which school better aligns with your personal and academic goals, our UK admissions consultants are at your service. They’re committed to helping you make an informed, confident decision.

Can Quad Education help me apply to both US and UK schools?

Certainly, we provide guidance to students in Singapore ready to apply to both UK and US institutions.

What are the advantages of choosing Quad Education?

Our UK/US admissions counselors have a profound understanding of the intricate admissions procedures at Britain and America’s top-ranked universities. We love sharing these insights with Singaporean students, enabling them to polish their applications and significantly increase their prospects. Gaining the competitive edge you need to succeed has never been easier; our counselors are the first to know about intake criteria or application process changes, ensuring you stay well-informed.

How does Quad Education assemble its team of experts for Oxbridge and Ivy League admissions?

We only work with a small fraction of counselors we engage with annually—just 2.5% of these individuals become a part of our team. We’re committed to providing Singapore students with an unparalleled admissions consulting experience. Curious about our selection process? Click here to learn more!

How does Quad Education help me differentiate myself in my US/UK application?

We help Singaporean students understand the intricacies and nuances of the US and UK admissions processes. Our counselors are industry experts who can explain these processes in detail. We help you use this insider knowledge to craft compelling, tailored applications. Students from Singapore searching for admissions support benefit from our high-level instruction, persona assessment exploration, essay editing, interview coaching, and more.

Do you help Singaporean students interested in applying to US colleges besides the Ivy League?

Absolutely! Our experts are dedicated to assisting you as you navigate the US admissions cycle, no matter what college you want to attend.

Can you help me apply to other UK schools besides Oxbridge?

We can help you apply to any UK school you’re interested in. We’ve helped students from Singapore apply to other institutions, such as the University of Edinburgh, Imperial College London, and others.

College Admissions Services for Singaporean Candidates

College Admissions Services for Singaporean Candidates

Early Candidacy Building

Work with our expert UK/US admissions counselors to differentiate your profile years before you plan to apply. Plan for your future early and receive strategic edits on UCAS/Common App documents before submission.

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