Private US/UK Application Support Designed for Students in Switzerland

Quad Education specializes in supporting international applicants with their US & UK applications. Our counselors provide the feedback and detailed guidance Swiss students need to strategically position themselves as the ultimate applicants at Ivy League schools, Oxbridge, and other top institutions. Are you ready to maximize your chances of university acceptance?
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Private US/UK Application Support Designed for Students in Switzerland

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Start to Finish US/UK Application Support For Students in Switzerland

Pre-application support

Common App & UCAS Pre-Application Guidance

Determine your most impactful extracurricular/academic experiences
Targeted school selection
Tailored recommendation letter strategy
Craft a detailed project schedule
Application writing and editing

UCAS & Common Application Navigation, Building & Editing

UCAS/Common Application support
Personal statement & supplemental essay drafting
Detailed application/essay editing
Interview prep

Interview Prep, Scholarship Guidance, and Ongoing Help At Every Step

School-specific/Ivy League/Oxbridge interview preparation
Scholarship searching
Scholarship application building and editing
Waitlist support

Ongoing Support Throughout the Entire US/UK Application Process


1. Select Best-Fit Schools


2. Create a Compelling Application Narrative


3. Draft UCAS/Common Application


4. Edit And Iterate


5. Tailored Interview Prep


6. Apply For Scholarships


7. Accept Your Offer!

Expert Application Assistance Catered to Swiss Students

Our goal is to ensure every Swiss student we work with has the knowledge, skills, and tools required to build compelling, varied US/UK applications. Our network of admissions experts is deeply committed to your success and ensuring your application demonstrates your fit and readiness. Our support is all-inclusive, from school selection and recommendation letter strategies to essay editing, interview preparation, and more.

Expert Application Assistance Catered to Swiss Students
Creating a Detailed Application Plan for Students from Switzerland
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Creating a Detailed Application Plan for Students from Switzerland

Applying to US/UK schools as a Swiss student isn’t always easy. Our team aims to simplify the process by crafting a customized project plan aligning with your preferences, needs, and busy schedule. Our detailed project plans ensure you know the next steps and when to hit key milestones and submit your documents.

US/UK Application Narrative Identification and Essay Editing

Perfecting your application involves discovering your most impactful activities and using your unique stories to create a winning application narrative. Our specialized persona assessment helps us uncover Swiss students’ most compelling anecdotes. You and your counselor will work together to select the ultimate application narrative, build your admissions essays, and expertly edit them. We edit for grammar, spelling, tone, sentence structure, word usage, narrative impact, and more, all while keeping your authentic voice.

US/UK Application Narrative Identification and Essay Editing
Boost Your Chances of Getting Into Your UK/US Target School

Boost Your Chances of Getting Into Your UK/US Target School

Our US/UK admissions counselors are experienced coaches who know exactly what students in Switzerland need to include in their applications to give them the best chance of acceptance. We have insider knowledge about UK/US processes, requirements, and strategies that will boost your admission odds, and we’ll provide high-level feedback on your application to ensure you put your best foot forward.

We Work with Students All Across Switzerland

From Geneva to Winterthur and Basel to Bern, our college counseling team can help Swiss students all over the country achieve admission to their dream US/UK colleges. Whether you’re based in Lausanne or Zurich, expert admission counselors are available to assist you in building an incredible applicant profile. Students all across Switzerland can take advantage of our comprehensive college counseling services! 

We Work with Students All Across Switzerland


When should Swiss students start the US/UK application process?

Applying to American and British schools as a Swiss student requires time, dedication, and patience. We typically suggest that students in Switzerland begin the process at least three months before school deadlines. However, we understand that perfecting your application may take more time, depending on how much you know about admissions requirements, your writing proficiency, and your schedule. Starting early when possible is always ideal.

Can students in Switzerland apply to Cambridge and Oxford University?

Students in Switzerland (and anywhere else in the world, for that matter) can only apply to either Cambridge or Oxbridge in the same application cycle. Wondering which UK university suits your needs best? Our expert admissions counselors can help you make an informed decision!

Can you help Swiss students apply to US and UK schools?

Yes, our team is happy to help you craft multiple applications to both British and American schools.

Why should Swiss students choose Quad Education?

Our team of admissions counselors understands how to position international students in the US/UK application processes. Our counselors have extensive mentorship/admissions experience, ensuring you receive insider knowledge and relevant insights at every step.

We stay well-connected and up-to-date on the latest admissions trends, criteria, and changes. We share these insights with Swiss students throughout the application cycle to align their documents with top British and American schools’ expectations.

Who would I work with at Quad Education to elevate my US/UK application?

Quad Education’s admissions counselors have been selected based on their experience, skills, knowledge, and commitment to excellence. We only onboard 2.5% of the admissions counselors we speak to annually, ensuring you receive the most comprehensive, informed support possible. Click here to learn more about our selection process!

What services do you provide Swiss students through the end-to-end application support program?

Quad Education’s online private delivery model ensures you receive support across the entire application cycle. Our end-to-end service includes school selection, recommendation letter strategies, finding your most impactful activities, writing and editing admissions essays, preparing you for admissions interviews, and more. From start to finish, Quad Education is there for you.

Do you help students in Switzerland apply to other US schools aside from Harvard, Princeton, and other Ivy League schools?

Yes, we help Swiss students apply to other top US schools they have on their lists, including (but not limited to) Duke University, Johns Hopkins University, and MIT.

Do you help students in Switzerland apply to other UK schools besides Oxbridge?

Yes, we help Swiss students apply to other top UK schools besides Oxbridge, including the University of Manchester, the University of Edinburgh, King’s College London, and others.

Can You Assist with Choosing the Right College in the US or UK?

Yes, our team is well-versed in helping Swiss students decide on the perfect US or UK college! Our expert admission counselors have extensive knowledge of all the different prestigious universities in the US and UK. Thanks to our insider expertise and our personalized methods, we can help you build a college list that perfectly fits all your needs, goals, and preferences.

End-to-End UK/US Admissions Services for Students in Switzerland

We provide Common/UCAS Application guidance throughout the entire application process

Early Candidacy Building

Work with our expert UK/US admissions counselors to differentiate your profile years before you plan to apply. Plan for your future early and receive strategic edits on UCAS/Common App documents before submission.

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