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Prepare Yourself for the SAT With Quad’s Sample Exams

Preparing for a standardized test can be challenging, especially if you don’t know what to expect. Our Full-Length SAT Practice Tests are here to help! The practice test is designed to simulate the real exam experience, and our tests give you the practice you need to succeed. Try it today!

Our in-house SAT experts, with decades of experience tutoring students, have compiled these unique questions for the practice tests. Being aware of the timing on each section of the SAT is crucial for success.

5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of SAT Practice Tests

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your practice SAT exams.
Timing on Each Section

Being aware of the timing on each section of the SAT is crucial for success. Even though it might feel stressful, sticking to the official time limits during practice tests is important. Why? Because you might spend extra time on a section and not have enough time for another. This will result in lost points and a low SAT score. 

So, it's best to practice within the time limits to get a true sense of how you'll do on the SAT.

Below is a table with detailed information on SAT sections and how much time has been allotted to them.

Time Allotted (Minutes)
Number of Questions
Reading and Writing
78 (two 39-minute modules)
86 (two 43-minute modules)
Finish the Test in One Sitting

You must complete the SAT practice test in one sitting. So, try to take the practice test at once, just like you would on the real SAT exam. 

If you can’t find time to complete the practice exam in one sitting, splitting the test over a few days is fine. Just remember to stick to the time limits for each section. It's better to do some practice, even if it's split up.

Take Advantage of Explanations For Wrong Answers

When using practice tests, it's important to look at both the questions you got right and wrong. If you're unsure why you missed a question, don't just brush it off—take the time to figure out where you went wrong. This helps you learn from your mistakes and avoid making them again. 

Our practice tests come with detailed answer explanations for every question, so take advantage of that! Understanding why you got questions wrong can improve your score and make you feel more confident on test day.

Complete the Practice Tests in the Same Format as the Digital SAT

To get the best results from your SAT practice tests, doing them in the same format as the digital SAT is important. The SAT has recently changed its format, so our practice tests include these updates to give you an accurate experience. 

Using the new format and structure will make you feel more comfortable and confident when you take the real SAT. So, use our practice tests to prepare effectively for the digital SAT and maximize your chances of success!

Complete at Least 4 Practice Tests Before Taking the SAT

Completing at least four practice tests before the actual SAT is a good idea. This magic number has been found to work well for many students, helping them get comfortable with the test's timing and structure. 

Of course, if you need more practice, you can do more than four tests. Just remember to balance your prep by focusing on your weak areas.

If you need further help preparing for the SAT, we’re here to help! Quad offers private SAT tutoring services for students preparing to take the test.


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Are SAT Practice Tests Worth It?

Yes, taking SAT practice exams is worth the time. It helps you familiarize yourself with the SAT format and structure and prepare for the real exam. You will also have a better idea of what type of questions the SAT will ask, helping you build confidence. 

Are SAT Practice Tests Harder than the Real Exam?

Typically, SAT practice tests are easier than the real SAT. You can expect around a 7% decrease in score on the real exam. Students often perform poorer because practice tests aren’t taken in realistic settings, and they revert to old test-taking habits due to stress.

Are SAT Practice Tests Accurate?

Many SAT practice tests have the ability to be accurate. For instance, College Board’s SAT practice tests are accurate especially when the practice test is taken within two weeks of the real SAT and using the same test settings.

How Long Does It Take To Complete An SAT Practice Test?

Because the SAT is 2 hours and 14 minutes long without any breaks, the practice test will take around the same time to complete. The practice test is designed to simulate the real SAT.