Diversity and Inclusion Statement

With the recent SCOTUS ruling banning race-based affirmative action, we at Quad Education reaffirm our strong commitment to diversity in the college admissions space.

At this point, it’s difficult to measure the exact ways in which this decision alters the admissions landscape, but as a leader in academic consulting, we can sense fear, confusion, and concern among students and their families.

History shows that the elimination of race-conscious admissions has adversely affected students of color. No student should need to second-guess their chances or choices for school based only on race. So, at Quad, our highest priority remains to support our students with resources that allow them to embrace and express important aspects of who they are in their college applications.

We are also hopeful that colleges and universities will revisit their admissions process to make them more holistic and create a space for students to share their authentic experiences through additional questions, personal essays, enrolling more community college students, or through other creative routes.

This ruling could also imply that students of color need to work harder at supplemental segments of their college application, and we are here to fully aid them in doing that be it through school selection, profile building, writing inspiring essays, or simply but importantly, believing in themselves.