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Quad Education provides students in Finland with high-level support as they navigate intricate admissions processes at leading schools in the United Kingdom and the United States. We’re devoted to sharing professional insights, giving constructive feedback, and customizing applications to meet the expectations of top educational institutions like Oxbridge and the Ivy League. Your dream school is within reach; are you ready to get started?
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Admissions Counselor - Oxford University
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Admissions Counselor - University of Cambridge
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Admissions Counselor - Harvard University & UC Berkeley
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Admissions Counselor - Stanford University and Rice University
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Admissions Counselor - Harvard University
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Admissions Counselor - Oxford University
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Support For Every US/UK Application Detail: Guidance Students in Finland Count On

Pre-application support

Common App & UCAS Pre-Application Guidance

Determine your most impactful extracurricular/academic experiences
Targeted school selection
Tailored recommendation letter strategy
Craft a detailed project schedule
Application writing and editing

UCAS & Common Application Navigation, Building & Editing

UCAS/Common Application support
Personal statement & supplemental essay drafting
Detailed application/essay editing
Interview prep

Interview Prep, Scholarship Guidance, and Ongoing Help At Every Step

School-specific/Ivy League/Oxbridge interview preparation
Scholarship searching
Scholarship application building and editing
Waitlist support

End-to-End US/UK Application Consulting For Finnish Students


1. Select Best-Fit Schools


2. Create a Compelling Application Narrative


3. Draft UCAS/Common Application


4. Edit And Iterate


5. Tailored Interview Prep


6. Apply For Scholarships


7. Accept Your Offer!

High-Level Application Support for Students in Finland

We’re committed to adequately preparing Finnish students for the entirety of the US/UK application cycle. At the helm of every engagement is our commitment to student success and tailored approaches—your counselor will cater to your needs, goals, and preferences at every step. Our all-inclusive support means we help you with school selection, engaging with recommenders, writing and editing admissions essays, preparing for interviews, and more, all while ensuring your documents exceed the expectations of top-ranked US and UK institutions.

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Unique Application Strategies and Plans Catered to Your Needs

Applying to schools abroad as a student in Finland can be challenging. Quad Education strives to simplify the process with original project plans and timelines built to suit your needs, preferences, and schedule. Our plans ensure you’re aware of the next steps and know when to complete various milestones.

Brainstorming, Writing, and Perfecting Your US/UK Admissions Essays

Crafting a refined US/UK application means finding a unique application narrative to help you stand out. Writing about yourself can be difficult; that’s why we created our comprehensive persona assessment to uncover your most meaningful experiences. We help Finnish students mold these ideas and experiences into captivating narratives. Our counselors are meticulous editors who check essays for grammar/punctuation errors, concision, tone, sentence structure, word usage, transitions, impact, and more, all while retaining each student’s writing style.

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Elevate Your Interview Prep With Mock Interview Simulations

Your US/UK admissions counselor will guide you through mock interview simulations to emulate what you’ll experience during your actual admissions interviews at Oxbridge, the Ivy League, and other top schools. Your coach will give you concrete feedback and tips you can use to structure eloquent answers, improve delivery, and boost your overall performance.

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When should students in Finland begin working on US/UK applications?

Applying to schools in the United States and the United Kingdom as a Finnish student can be a lengthy process. While we recommend starting the process at least three months before school deadlines, we understand that gathering, building, and polishing application documents takes time.

While Quad Education makes applying to schools abroad easier, we suggest that Finnish students start as early as possible to maximize their chances of success.

Can Finns apply to Oxbridge?

Oxford and Cambridge University welcome international applicants to apply. However, you may only apply to one of these schools in each application cycle. Our experts can help you assess which school is a better fit for you if you’re unsure!

Does Quad Education support Finnish students applying to US and UK schools?

Yes, we’re happy to help you build compelling US and UK applications for any schools on your list!

Why should Finnish students choose your US/UK application support programs?

Our team understands how to strategically position students in Finland as the most competitive applicants possible. Your counselor will share their insider knowledge with you and use their expertise to edit your application documents. Quad Education’s network stays updated on new admissions trends and criteria and alerts students to changes in expectations before they submit applications. Top US/UK schools often have low acceptance rates; Quad Education aims to give Finnish students the strongest foundation to boost their chances.

Who are Quad Education’s counselors?

Our counselors have attended some of Britain and America’s top schools and are dedicated to mentoring ambitious students like you! Our team is knowledgeable, compassionate, and accessible. We only work with 2.5% of the consultants we connect with every year, so Finnish students can receive the best admissions support process. Click here to read more about our process!

Do you help students in Finland navigate the entire admissions cycle?

Whatever your admissions needs are, Quad Education will support you. Our private online admissions counseling services make getting the advice and help you need easier, no matter where you are in the world. Our counselors help students in Finland across the entire cycle, from school selection and pre-app support to interviews and beyond.

Do you help students in Finland apply to schools in the US besides the Ivy League?

Yes, we help students apply to many US schools, including Johns Hopkins University, Duke University, NYU, and others.

Do you help students in Finland apply to schools in the UK besides Oxbridge?

We help Finnish students apply to other top UK schools, including the University of Edinburgh, the University of Glasgow, Imperial College London, and others.

Admissions Expertise Finnish Students Can Rely On

We provide comprehensive Common App and UCAS application guidance

Early Candidacy Building

Work with our expert UK/US admissions counselors to differentiate your profile years before you plan to apply. Plan for your future early and receive strategic edits on UCAS/Common App documents before submission.

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