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We Welcome Parent Involvement!

The decision to go to college is an important one. Getting into your dream college can be a career altering decision. It can put your child on track to pursue the right career path in his or her field of interest. Also, the process of getting to a top school can be very stressful. Students have to be on their A-game day in and day out. With acceptance rates at top schools being less than 10% and dropping every year, the margin for error is very low. 

It’s clear that your child can and should get all the support they need. As such, we welcome your involvement throughout the process. Please reach out to us if you have questions about our services or have recommendations on how we can make your child’s journey easier, more productive, and less stressful. We look forward to helping your child become the best version of themselves!

Wondering How We Can Help Your Child?

Application Support

Support for every aspect of the application, including your personal statement, Common Application, college essays, interview prep, and more

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SAT/ACT Tutoring

Customized 1:1 SAT/ACT tutoring to help you identify and focus on your weaknesses with proven problem-solving techniques

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We would love to chat with you about your child’s college plans. Schedule a call with one of our experts today.

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