How to Get into Texas A&M - Admission Requirements + Tips

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May 6, 2024
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Are you planning to apply to Texas A&M University? Read on to learn everything you need to know about the admissions process.

Texas A&M University has a rich history of academic excellence, where they have fostered innovation and leadership skills among its students. Hence, getting admission into Texas A&M is a coveted achievement for many students.

This guide will discuss getting into Texas A&M by exploring its admission requirements and application process. We will also offer valuable tips that you can use to increase your chances of getting accepted.

So, whether you are an applicant preparing for your college journey or a transfer student who wants a new academic environment, this article will equip you with the necessary knowledge.

Texas A&M University Acceptance Rate

Texas A&M University has an acceptance rate of 63%. For the past six admission cycles, about 40,000 students have applied to the school yearly. 

Nearly half of the applicants who applied to the school and have submitted their test scores have a SAT score between 1140 and 1380 or an ACT score between 25 and 31. For example, only 32,249 students were admitted out of 51,108 applications for the most recent class.

Is It Hard to Get into Texas A&M?

Getting into Texas A&M is challenging because it is highly competitive, as shown by the acceptance rate. The competitiveness during the admission process depends on the specific program you are applying for, your academic credentials, and the number of applicants who applied in a year.

Hence, you must research the specific admission requirements for the program you want to do at the University. Also, ensure you have a strong application that accurately shows your academic abilities and achievements.

Texas A&M Admission Requirements

To get into Texas A&M, strive for an SAT score of at least 1260 or an ACT score over 28. You should also aim for a GPA of around 3.7. Having leadership and community service experience on your application can elevate it even more!

Texas A&M’s requirements can vary depending on factors, including what you want to study in college

Below are its general admission requirements:

High School Diploma, Coursework, and Class Rank

One of the major requirements for a freshman is to have a high school diploma or equivalent. Also, applicants on the verge of completing high school credits within two semesters are in this category. When you are in high school, you should know the best combination of subjects that will help you get into your dream school. 

Also, the University recommends a strong high school curriculum for applicants. The curriculum should include:

  • Four years of English
  • Four years of science with two years from either biology, chemistry, or physics
  • Four years of math, which includes algebra I, algebra II, and geometry
  • Two years of the same foreign language

In addition, high school coursework is essential for admission into Texas A$M University to serve as the foundation for college courses.

If the high school you attended provides class rank, you should submit it. Texas A&M University values class rank as one of the important admission factors.

Interestingly, the Texas residents who rank in the top 10% of their graduating class have access to automatic admission to any school in the state.

Test Scores

Submitting test scores on the ACT or SAT is part of your application process into Texas A&M. Although Texas A&M University has adopted a test-optional policy if you have test scores that can boost your chances of admission, we encourage you to send them. The median SAT and ACT scores for the recent admission processing are 1260 and 28, respectively. 

Extracurricular Activities

You must include information about extracurricular activities in your application. You should also include your leadership experiences and community involvement.


Ensure you submit the required essays during your application process because the university will require you to submit three. A college application essay is also known as a personal statement. It is a brief personal essay that reflects the personality traits and experience that make you an ideal candidate for the college you are applying to

How to Apply to Texas A&M University?

Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to apply to Texas A&M University:

Create an Application Through ApplyTexas or the Common App

You can use either ApplyTexas or the Common Application to submit your application -- Texas A&M has no preference for either one. 

Create an Account

Choose the platform you prefer and register. Ensure you use valid mail, as this is the primary mode of communication for any information.

Choose Your Campus and the Program

There are different Texas A&M University campuses, namely College Station, Kingsville, and others. During your application process, specify the campus you want and the program you wish to pursue.

Fill Out Your Personal & Application Information

For this section, you must put your contact information, including your email address, for further information regarding your application. Although it is optional, also add information about your parents or guardian. Moreover, you must complete the Texas Residency questions to determine your tuition fee. 

You will need to also submit all required materials through your chosen application platform. This includes your essay, test scores, letters of recommendation, and more. 

Fill in the Program Material Section.

All applicants must complete the questions under this section. You are required to upload a personal statement in the documents tab. Also, enter the contact information in the recommendations tab.

Complete a Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR)

There is a new development in the application process of Texas A&M University. Henceforth, applicants must complete a Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR), which can be used in place of transcripts.

This happens after the applicant has applied and their official transcripts are needed to complete the form. It is important to note that most schools only provide official transcripts later. Students are encouraged to fill it into SRAR after getting the transcripts.

Submit the Application and Pay the Application Fee.

After filling all the sections and your progress bar shows a check mark, you should submit your application. After submitting, the next thing is to enter your fee payment. The fee is $89 and $114 for domestic and international students. It is important to note that the application portal only accepts credit cards, and there is no refund.

Monitor Your Application Status

After submitting your application, you should monitor your application status and receive updates through the portal and mail. Hence, check your portal regularly for important information regarding your application status.

Track Your Status

After completing the application process, you can track your status using the “check status tab” in the application portal. There are different application statuses, which are explained below:

  • Complete status shows that all the required information, recommendations, and documents have been submitted.
  • The received status shows that all the required information and documents have been submitted. However, one or more of the recommendations still need to be completed.
  • In progress, the status shows that the application process has started. However, some information, documents, and recommendations should be included. Students who have completed all the sections but have paid the application fee are under this section also.

Receive Your Decision Through Mail

After doing everything necessary, the admissions committee's review timeline varies by program and semester. Once the committee finishes its review, you will see your official decision via mail.

Texas A&M Application Deadlines

The application process for Texas A&M University involves various steps that should be followed strictly. Below are the key deadlines in the application process. 

The fall 2025 for College Station campus applications are open from August 1 to December 1, 2024. All additional required documents should be submitted by December 15. 

Fall 2025 applicants to the Higher Education Center at McAllen can submit from January 6 to March 1, 2025. 

If you’re applying for the spring 2025 year, you’ll have an application window of August 1 to October 15. 

Tips on How to Get Into Texas A&M

Top schools like Texas A&M University receive many applications, making the admission process competitive. Below are some tips that might increase your chances to get into Texas A&M University:

Aim for a High GPA

Texas A&M places a huge emphasis on academics. Class rank and GPA are two important parameters when considering granting admissions to applicants. As great grades are important to the admission process, the courses you earned them in are equally important. Hence, the admission process also involves checking the coursework.

Apply Early to Get Your First-Choice Major

It is important to apply early in the admission cycle. As soon as your essays are ready, it is recommended that you start your admission process. Most of the majors at A&M University are on a first-come, first-served basis. Hence, applying early can give you an edge over others and enable you to get your first choice major.

Aim for a Competitive SAT and ACT Score

The University considers standardized test scores as an essential component of the application process. Average scores are good, but the ones above the 75th percentile are better. Good scores increase your chances of being admitted into the University. Interestingly, the University does not make any tests better than the others. You should take one of the exams and perform well in it.

Cultivate Strong Extracurriculars

Participating in meaningful extracurricular activities and being able to write about them effectively is also an important part of the admission process. Here are the four tiers of extracurricular activities, showing how a university sees your outside-the-classroom activities:

  • Tier 1 contains the prestigious extracurricular activities. The activities here show exceptional achievement and good leadership skills that the universities highly value. Examples include winning a prominent award and gaining national recognition.
  • Tier 2 is about activities that show great accomplishment and leadership experiences. It is more common than the ones found in tier 1. Examples include winning a regional award and serving in a top position like the student body president on campus.
  • Tier 3 is about activities lesser than those in the higher tiers. Examples include captaining a university sport and serving as class coordinator.
  • Tier 4 activities are the least influential in the university admission process. Although they show your interest and engagement, they lack the merit of those in the higher tiers. Examples of the activities in these tiers include participating in general volunteer work and playing a sport or instrument.

These extracurriculars provide key insights into your character, interests, and abilities, which can make all the difference when trying to stand out in the admissions process.

Write Engaging Essays

College essays are a great way to show the admissions committee who you are outside of academics. They give you the opportunity to tell the story of who you are, what you care about, and what you hope to achieve in your own words. 

A good college essay leaves a lasting impression on admissions officers and can improve your chances of getting accepted. To craft an engaging essay, make sure to choose a compelling topic that reflects your ideas clearly. 

Use vivid examples to illustrate your points and aim to connect with the admissions committee by revealing your personal qualities and aspirations.

Choose Your Recommenders Wisely

Selecting recommenders who are familiar with you on a personal level is very important. These individuals can provide more meaningful and persuasive endorsements as they possess a thorough understanding of your character, skills, and achievements. 

This, in turn, bolsters the overall quality of your application and can greatly impact your chances of success in Texas A&M’s competitive admissions process.

Should I Apply to Texas A&M?

You may apply to Aggieland because of its benefits and opportunities. Texas A&M University is one of the best public research universities in the nation, which offers more than 130 undergraduate programs.

The school has earned its reputation for the good academic programs it offers, its commitment to research, and the contribution of the alumni body. If you are looking for where to spend the next few years as an undergraduate, below are some reasons why you should choose Texas A&M:

Best Value University in the State

Texas A&M is one of the best-value universities in Texas and is ranked #20 in the US News' ranking of the country’s top public schools. It offers a wide range of academic programs, robust research opportunities, and a vibrant campus community, making it an ideal choice for students seeking both affordability and academic excellence.

Access to Post-Graduation Opportunities

Your college years are transformative and crucial for building your network and knowledge. Attending Texas A&M offers a distinct advantage due to its strong alumni network of over 500,000 professionals in various companies. 

The university's career center is also a valuable resource for securing internships and your first job, ensuring your post-graduation success.

Deep Commitment to Your Success

Texas A&M is committed to your success to help you become a better student and person. Some of the resources below will help you grow into an all-rounded personality in the University:

  • The Academic Success Center provides students with tutoring and mentorship from students who are in higher classes and have excelled in the courses.
  • First-year programs include seminar courses that teach students to navigate and excel in all areas of their lives. Each student is allocated a staff instructor and a community of students, which help them to gain their feet early in the school.
  • Diversity resources include disability services, women's resource centers, international student services, and race and ethnic student institutes.

All these resources are available for the students to give them an all-rounded experience in the school.

The Aggie’s Spirit

A&M students are called “Aggies.” They are unique and entirely different in their talk and interpersonal relationships with others. The school instills so much value in them that it makes them stand out wherever they are.

Their core values include respect, excellence, leadership, loyalty, integrity, and selfless service. Students of the University act with these core values in mind, and this makes them unique.


Below are some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about how to get into Texas A&M, the admission requirements, and tips

1. How Hard Is It to Get Into A&M University?

With an acceptance rate of 63%, getting into A&M is highly competitive. To give yourself the best chance of acceptance, secure a strong academic profile, earn high test scores, and participate in meaningful extracurriculars.

2. What Is the General Admission Requirement for Texas A&M University?

Texas A&M has the following admission requirements: 

  • High school diploma or the equivalent
  • Completion or in the process of completing a strong high school curriculum
  • Submission of standardized test scores
  • Extracurricular activities. 

It is important to note that some specific majors or programs may require extra requirements.

3. Does Texas A&M Accept Applications From Out-of-State and International Students?

Yes, Texas A&M accepts applications from out-of-state and international students. 

4. Does Texas A&M Have an Automatic Admission Policy for Texas Residents?

Yes, Texas residents who graduate in the top 10% of their high school class are automatically admitted to Texas A&M. It is important to note that automatic admission does not necessarily guarantee acceptance into their preferred program.

5. Are There Scholarships Available at Texas A&M?

Yes, Texas A&M has various scholarships available to incoming and current students. These scholarships are typically awarded based on academic achievement, leadership, extracurricular involvement, and financial need. The university offers various scholarships.

6. Can I Transfer to A&M From Another College or University? 

Yes, you can transfer to Texas A&M. Keep in mind that requirements for transfer students may vary based on the number of college credits completed in your intended program.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to get into Texas A&M is important for all applicants seeking admission. The school embodies academic excellence, innovation, and commitment to groom an all-rounded student.

In this article, we have explored what getting into Texas A&M University entails, which includes the university's admission requirements and application process. With determination, preparation, and a strong application, you can increase your chances of becoming a proud member of the A&M student body and contribute to the institution's rich legacy. 

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