SAT Test Dates & Deadlines 2024 - Your Essential Guide

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April 26, 2024
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Are you gearing up for the SAT? Follow along for all the SAT registration dates, test dates and deadlines you need to know.

Studying for the SAT can be a stressful time, so it’s crucial to plan your timeline ahead. Studying can help you achieve a good SAT score. Keeping yourself organized and on top of your deadlines will reduce your overall stress and help you properly prepare for the exam. 

In this article we’ll go over everything you need to know about SAT dates and deadlines, including how much time you should give yourself to study, 2024 SAT dates, and more. 

Let’s get started!

SAT Test Dates 2024

Here are the test dates for the 2024 College Board's SAT. Before scheduling your test date, keep in mind how much time you’ll need for studying. You should give yourself two to three months of study time before taking the SAT exam. Make sure to keep the SAT deadlines for registration in mind as well.

Anticipated 2024 SAT Test Dates

Here are the anticipated 2024 SAT test dates. 

SAT Test Dates (2024) Registration Deadline Deadline for Changes, Regular Cancellation,
and Late Registration
Mar 9, 2024 Feb 23, 2024 February 27, 2024
May 4, 2024 Apr 19, 2024 April 23, 2024
June 1, 2024 May 16, 2024 May 21, 2024
August 24, 2024 Coming soon Coming soon
October 5, 2024 Coming soon Coming soon
November 2, 2024 Coming soon Coming soon
December 7, 2024 Coming soon Coming soon
March 8, 2025 Coming soon Coming soon
May 3, 2025 Coming soon Coming soon
June 7, 2025 Coming soon Coming soon

Source: College Board

The above table reflects dates for the US, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands. It should be noted that each deadline expires at 11:59 ET, US and that international SAT dates are different from the dates shown above. 

International SAT Test Dates 2024

Here are the dates and deadlines for international SAT test-takers.

SAT Test Date Deadline for Registration,
Changes, and Cancellation
Mar 9, 2024 Feb 23, 2024
May 4, 2024 Apr 19, 2024
June 1, 2024 May 16, 2024
August 24, 2024 Coming soon
October 5, 2024 Coming soon
November 2, 2024 Coming soon
December 7, 2024 Coming soon
March 8, 2025 Coming soon
May 3, 2025 Coming soon
June 7, 2025 Coming soon

Source: College Board

The digital SAT exam is also available to international students at test centers. Ensure you sign up for it before the deadline.

Anticipated Fall 2024 School Year Test Dates

Below is a table for the anticipated Fall 2024 SAT test dates:

SAT Test Date Deadline for Registration,
Changes, and Cancellation
August 24, 2024 Feb 23, 2024
October 5, 2024 Apr 19, 2024
November 2, 2024 May 16, 2024
December 7, 2024 Coming soon
June 1, 2025 Coming soon

Source: College Board

These test dates will give you an idea of when you should register and start studying for the upcoming exam.

SAT Result Dates 2024

You can expect to receive your SAT results a couple of weeks after you’ve taken your test. Here are the SAT score release dates in correspondence with the 2024 SAT test dates:

SAT Test Date Paper/Pencil Score Release Date
March 9, 2024 March 22, 2024
May 4, 2024 May 17, 2024
June 1, 2024 June 14, 2024

The above table represents both the test date and SAT score release date as reported by the College Board. Your results should be available on or around these dates. Once you’ve received your score you’ll be able to understand how well you did on the exam. 

Students Taking the SAT in School on a Weekday

Here are test dates that are taking place in school on a weekday. 

Testing Week Most Scores Available
March 4–15, 2024 April 4, 2024
March 18–29, 2024 April 18, 2024
April 1–12, 2024 May 2, 2024
April 15–26, 2024 May 16, 2024

Source: College Board

If you’re planning on taking the SAT in school on a weekday, it’s important to keep these dates in mind and prepare for them by registering for your preferred test date!

SAT Registration Fee

The SAT registration fee is $60, plus a $43 regional fee. Here is a table of more additional fees you may need to pay. 

Service Fee
Test center fee (select locations only) $24
Late registration $30
Change test center $25
Cancel registration fee $25
Late cancel fee $35

SAT Deadlines to Remember

Before scheduling your SAT, you should research SAT test times to ensure you don’t miss any deadlines (especially for retake dates for the SAT). Here is what you should consider when planning your SAT timeline. 

When to Start Studying for the SAT

You should give yourself two or three months to study before taking the SAT.  Anytime longer may cause you to forget material. Under two months may not be enough time to thoroughly study every section and take practice tests for the SAT. 

Build your SAT study schedule around your life to maintain balance and possibly achieve a perfect SAT score. Make sure to give yourself realistic blocks of time between studying to recuperate and complete your daily tasks to avoid burnout. 

You should also keep in mind the possibility of retaking the test if you are not happy with your initial results, and give yourself enough time to do so. You may also take the SAT after high school if that aligns with your future plans. Our experts at Quad Education can help you improve your SAT score!

If you decide on registering for the SAT, but want to know if you’re ready to take it, check out our free SAT Readiness quiz.

FAQs: SAT Dates and Deadlines to Remember

Here are our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about SAT registration dates and deadlines.

1. When Should the Class of 2024 Take the SAT?

You should take the SAT as early as possible in case you wish to redo the test before applying for college. For the class of 2024, you should aim to register in July or Sept.

2. What Are the Next SAT Dates?

The next SAT exam dates are May 4, and June 1. 

3. What Time Does the SAT Test Start?

The SAT typically starts between 8:30-9:00 am. That said, experts advise arriving at 7:45 am just to remain on the safe side. 

4. How Do You Enroll for the SAT?

Here’s how to enroll for the SAT:

  • Create a College Board account
  • Register for the SAT on the College Board site
  • Enter your personal information
  • Select your preferred test date and test center
  • Upload a photo
  • Confirm your registration

That’s it! It’s that simple enrolling for the SAT. Ensure you know when the registration deadlines are so you don’t miss it.

5. Where Do You Take the SAT Exam?

The SAT exam is typically administered at designated test centers or locations. You can find SAT test centers near you by visiting the College Board website and using their test center search tool. Simply enter your location, and it will provide you with a list of nearby test centers where you can take the SAT. 

Final Thoughts

Before scheduling your SAT, make sure you’ve given yourself enough time to study before. Take into consideration your daily responsibilities such as work, school, volunteering, and getting plenty of rest. You should also keep in mind the possibility of retaking the test if you need to improve your initial results when scheduling your SAT.

The SAT dates and deadlines for 2024 we’ve provided above are final, although there will be more 2024 test dates announced by the college board in the near future. 

Good luck on your SAT!

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