Does Columbia Require an Interview in 2024? Key Information

June 4, 2024
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If you’ve been offered an interview from Columbia University, it’s an excellent opportunity to learn more about the school and assess your fit. Read on to learn everything you need to know about the interview! 

Interviews are a common feature of the undergraduate admissions process. If you've been offered an interview from Columbia University, this is your time to shine and show your interviewer why you're a great fit. 

Read on to learn more about the interview process, how to prepare, questions, and more. If you’ve still got questions, look at our step-by-step guide on getting into Columbia University.

Does Columbia Require an Interview in 2024? 

Columbia does not require an interview for any applicants in 2024. Interviews have been discontinued as part of their admission process starting with the 2023-2024 admissions cycle.

When Did Columbia Announce That Interviews Are Not a Part of the Admission Process?

Columbia University announced on May 18, 2023, that they will no longer have interviews for any applicants, including transfer students. 

They made this decision because the number of applications has increased significantly, and there aren't enough alumni to do all the interviews. Columbia thanked the alumni who helped with interviews and said they would find new ways for students and alumni to connect.

Now that you have a bit more insight into Columbia’s admissions process, you can better determine if it's the right fit for you. And, if you're curious about your chances of gaining admission, you might want to try our quiz. It's been put together by admissions experts and offers insights based on your student profile. 

Just enter your details, and you'll get an evaluation that shows how you stack up against other applicants. It's a practical way to see where you stand!

Will Applicants Who Apply Through the Higher Education Opportunity Program and National Opportunity Program Get an Interview? 

No, interviews are not part of the application process for any applicants. However, candidates applying through the Higher Education Opportunity Program and National Opportunity Program can talk with current student volunteers. 

These conversations are to provide information about the admissions process and advising program, not to evaluate the applicants.

However, remember that there are other ways to stand out from the crowd beyond interviews. Just take a look at what Erin Bailey, an alum and member of Columbia's admissions team, has to say about building a standout application. 

Erin, Admissions Consultant at Columbia University, shares these tips for creating an authentic narrative in your Ivy League applications:

"The narrative tells admissions who you are as a person beyond your numbers. I think it's really important to remember that admissions is not just interested in your test scores, they're not just interested in your GPA, they're interested in who you are. So what qualities are you bringing to their campus?"
"They are very strategic about bringing people who have a perspective to bring, who will have interesting discussions in class, who will be great roommates, who will be leaders in their community. And so you really want to show beyond just your academics who you are and what you're bringing."
"With your letters of recommendation, this is an awesome place to be strategic with your narrative. So if you are telling a narrative where you are so passionate about STEM, then really target those STEM teachers who can really speak to maybe an awesome project that you did or a way that you really stood out in STEM class or in robotics or whatever it is that you're into."

If you're aiming for Columbia University, our private admissions consulting services might be just what you need. Our team includes Columbia admissions specialists and Ivy League alumni who know exactly how to help you present yourself as the ideal candidate. 

We offer application consulting and early profile development programs designed to give you the best shot at acceptance. Consider this your first step toward getting into Columbia!

Columbia University Interview FAQs 

If you still have questions about Columbia University interview questions or the process, read on to gain more clarity. 

1. Is There a Columbia Video Interview? 

Columbia is currently offering only virtual interviews. All domestic and international applicants offered interviews will participate using video conferencing technology (or phone interviews, in exceptional cases). Applicants in China are urged to submit pre-recorded video interviews using InitalView or Vericant. 

2. When Does Columbia Stop Sending Interview Invites? 

While there isn't clear information on when Columbia stops sending interview invitations, if you haven't heard anything from mid-late February, you can generally assume you haven't been offered an interview. 

3. Can I Request a Columbia Interview?

Columbia asks applicants not to call or email to schedule an interview. 

Final Thoughts

Columbia no longer offers interviews as part of its admission process. This means all applicants are evaluated equally based on their application materials alone. 

While you won't have the chance to learn about the school through an interview, you can still demonstrate your fit and passion through your essays and other application components. 

Rest assured, not having an interview won't put you at a disadvantage—you can still receive the decision you’re looking for! Just focus on presenting your best self in your application, and good luck!

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