When Do ACT Scores Come Out?

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May 30, 2022
Typical ACT Score Release DatesWhat Times of Day Are ACT Scores Out?How to Know if ACT Scores Have Come Out


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Wondering when ACT scores come out? Keep reading to find out more about ACT score release dates!

The ACT is an academic exam used for college admission decisions in the United States. It is a standardized test covering English, mathematics, reading, scientific reasoning, and an optional writing portion. The test scores reflect what students have learned throughout their high school careers. 

Colleges use the ACT score to determine a student's preparedness for the academic rigor of their institutions. The test can be taken multiple times throughout your high school career. In 2019, half of the US graduating class had taken the ACT.  

ACT score release dates are crucial to students who want to ensure they present themselves to their chosen college in the best light. Good ACT scores, along with other factors, can improve your application. If you’re asking yourself when ACT scores come out, keep reading to find out more! 

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Typical ACT Score Release Dates 

ACT scores are generally available two weeks after each national test date. ACT scores come out around the two weeks but can take up to eight weeks. Once scores are available, MyACT accounts are updated. This is the only method through which the scores will be made available. 

If you took the ACT writing test, those results would be available approximately 2-weeks after the rest of your results. Those who took the writing test will not know their official score until the writing score is updated.  

The ACT score release dates are given only in time ranges. If your ACT test is scheduled for an upcoming date, the table below will provide you with a general timeframe. You can expect your results within this window, however ACT does not provide any other timeline or explain delays.

Table outlining the national test dates and score reporting timeframes for the ACT exam

If your results are unavailable within two to eight weeks, this may be due to a number of irregularities. Although ACT will not notify students of these delays, it can be helpful to know the general reasons for the wait.

ACT Test Score Delays 

There are some common reasons why your ACT scores are not coming out within the given time frames. ACT will not provide students with status reports but has provided some information as to what could be causing delays.

General ACT Score Release Delays

While you are waiting for your ACT scores to come out, make sure you’ve reviewed your MyACT account to ensure your personal information (name, date of birth etc.) is correct and all fees are paid. 

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