When Do AP Scores Come Out? All Your AP Questions Answered

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October 18, 2022
About AP Classes and ExamsWhen Do AP Scores Come Out? What is a Good AP Score?How AP Classes and Scores Impact College AdmissionTips to Get the Best AP ScoreAP Score Release Date FAQs


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When it comes to college, most students do everything they can to ensure their acceptance to their dream school. Often, this involves taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses and the subsequent exams during high school to prepare for a college-level education. Read on to learn more about these classes and when you'll receive your scores for them.

Rigorous AP classes demand a heavier course load, but you can earn college credit for that course if you pass the exam. Most students spend months preparing before their exam dates to ensure they receive a good score. 

Once you’ve taken the exam, you’ve probably agonized over your score, debating if you did well, if you were fully prepared for the exam. But one question plagues your mind more than any other. When do AP scores come out? How long does it take to determine your score? 

So, when will AP scores be released? The waiting period can be difficult, especially if acceptance to your dream schools rides on the success of your score. We’ve devised this guide to answering all of your AP score-related questions to keep you as informed as possible while you wait. 

You’ve studied intensively, and you finally took the exam. But when do AP scores come out? Learn more below. 

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About AP Classes and Exams

AP classes cover a wide array of subjects, ranging from Psychology to European History and even English Composition. Your high school decides which AP courses they’d like to offer, so you should seek your school’s guidance counselor if you’re interested in pursuing advanced classes like honors, IB, or AP courses.

These courses are different from the regular high school classes you’re used to. The AP courses provide a college-level education because these classes are intended to take the place of college courses if you pass the exam. Though the classes seem intimidating, this gives you a chance to show yourself to your dream schools and show that you can handle college stress. 

Though these classes end with the threat of an intense exam, you won’t fail your AP class if you fail the exam. If you pass the AP exam, that’s one less college course you have to take throughout your career. Most students take AP classes to potentially cut costs and prove they can handle higher education. 

If you don’t do as well as you hoped, you don’t have to share your score with colleges. Even if you don’t pass the exam, the admissions team will see your overall class grade to show that you understood the material but didn’t do well on the exam. 

But don’t let this scare you away from pursuing an AP class. With the proper amount of dedication and studying, you’ll be prepared to pass the exam. 

When Do AP Scores Come Out?

Unfortunately, the dates that 2022 AP scores are released vary from state to state. Students tested during Administration 1 or 2 typically received their scores around mid-July, whereas students who tested during Administration 3 didn’t receive their scores until August. 

In early 2022, tests were divided into three categories:  

Schools open to in-person learning fell into Administration 1 or 2, while schools that switched to a fully virtual education were placed in Administration 3. Here’s how the three administrations differ:  

With this strange system in place, scores were released at varying times because schools often required graders to grade the exams from home to keep them safe during the pandemic. This caused students to wait longer than expected to receive their scores. 

The College Board plans to return to standard testing administrations in 2022, with students taking the exam via paper and pencil at their school. Testing will take place over a two-week period in May. 

If testing goes as planned, students will receive their scores between mid-June and early July, allowing them to enjoy the remainder of their summer instead of stressing about their scores. 

What is a Good AP Score?

The AP scores range from one to five, with five being the highest possible score. 

If you score a five on the AP exam, you essentially exceed the expectations and are almost guaranteed exemption from that course when you attend college. 

A four on the AP exam shows that you are very qualified as well. Scoring a four tells the admissions team that you scored either an A- or a B on the exam and shows you have a firm grasp of the course material. 

A score of three is the final accepted score on an AP exam. This score is like a grade of B- or a C. You’ll have to review the requirements of the colleges you apply to, but most colleges will accept a three as an exemption from the college course. 

If you score a one or two, you aren’t qualified for course exemption, but don’t let this scare you away. A low score will not be detrimental to your acceptance if you still maintain a high grade in the class. 

As stated before, your final grade in the class is not affected if you fail the exam. A failed exam does not equate to rejection from your dream school. You won’t be exempt from the college course, but if you keep your notes from the AP class, you’ll have a head start on all of the material.

How AP Classes and Scores Impact College Admission

AP classes carry a lot of weight when colleges begin looking at applications. Taking AP classes and earning high grades in those classes shows admissions teams you can handle a rigorous education. A high AP score helps your admissions chances, but the admissions team also considers your overall GPA, SAT, and ACT scores. 

But what happens if you pass the class but fail the exam? Does this ruin your chances of getting accepted into your dream school? It’s important you try and take AP classes if you’re able and do your best on the exam, but the AP score doesn’t matter as much as you might think.

Your score on the AP exam determines if you’re exempt from that subject when you attend college. For example, if you score a five on the AP Psychology exam, you earn college credit for that class. 

Of course, this varies from school to school, so you’ll need to look into the requirements for the college you’re applying to, but essentially your score shows your mastery of the subject at a college level. 

If you do poorly on the exam, it does not ruin your chances of acceptance. There are many factors that admissions teams look at when considering prospective students. 

Don’t let the fear of a potential bad grade steer you away from pursuing an AP course. Your exam score won’t hinder your chances of acceptance, and these courses give you a glimpse of what to expect in college. 

Try your best to earn a high score, but it’s not the end of the world if you don’t. Some students suffer from testing anxiety, so you must understand that you’re not judged solely on your exam scores. If you receive a less than stellar score, that’s okay! You can still apply to the desired schools, and at least you’ll have a headstart on the subject.

Tips to Get the Best AP Score

You’re probably wondering how to prepare for an exam like this. The AP exam tests you on everything you learned in the course, and it can be challenging trying to remember every little detail. Luckily, we’ve devised a step-by-step plan that is sure to help you succeed. 

Tip #1: Start Early

The best way to prepare for an important exam is to start studying as soon as you can. Review your notes whenever you can to keep the information fresh in your mind. You want your mind to stay sharp. 

For easy access, you can write your notes on flashcards so you can take them with you wherever you go to quiz yourself in your free time. Try to study the material at least once a day, whether it’s for 30 minutes or an hour. 

Tip #2: Set Up a Study Group

Studying with classmates is a great way to prepare for this exam. Remember that you all are in this together, striving for the same goal. Studying with a group helps keep you focused on studying. When you study alone, it’s easy to get distracted. 

Find a place that’s kind of quiet but not so quiet that you can’t talk. You could also set up a basket to collect everyone’s phones so no one is distracted. 

Group study sessions are also beneficial because each student has their strengths and weaknesses within the subject. By studying together, you can help someone in an area they’re weak in and they can do the same for you. 

Tip #3: Focus on Your Weaknesses

It’s important to study all of the material, but devote more of your study time to your weak areas. You want to build a strong foundation before you take this exam, and the best way to do that is to ensure you have a strong grasp on everything.

If you can’t seem to reach an understanding on your own, you could always seek guidance from a classmate or ask if your teacher has any free time to tutor you in that area. Your teacher wants you to succeed as well, so don’t be afraid to ask for their help if you need it. 

Tip #4: Leave Notes Around the House

This study tip is especially helpful if you take a foreign language AP exam. Leave sticky notes around your house with the necessary information so your brain is constantly challenged. If you’re preparing for a language exam, you can place sticky notes on household objects and quiz yourself on their name in the foreign language. You can also practice with classmates by only speaking in that language so you can test your sentence structure and grammar as well. 

Tip #5: Take Practice Exams

If you’ve never taken an AP exam before, practice exams show what you can expect. There are many websites that offer free practice exams, but a website called AP Practice Exams offers a wide selection of practice AP exams

The website has a separate tab for each subject, making it easy to find the practice exam you need. And they’re free! You can also find websites that provide AP lessons on different subjects if you need some more material to study. 

Tip #6: Take Breaks

You don’t want to burn yourself out on the material. By constantly overloading your brain with information, you run the risk of exhausting your mind and you might forget important information that you’ll need later. Take breaks in between study sessions to allow your brain to rest. 

You also want to make sure that you’re not falling behind in your other classes. It’s important to pass the exam, but your score is not the only factor the college admissions team considers. 

AP Score Release Date FAQs

Are you looking for more info about AP scores and when they come out? Here are our answers to some frequently asked questions about AP scores, including “when will the 2022 AP scores be released?”.

1. When are AP scores sent to colleges?

According to the College Board, your scores will be received by mid to late July after designating a college or university in their “My AP” section. The deadline for using your free score send in “My AP” is June 20th, 2022. 

2. When will AP scores be released in 2022?

Although it varies state-to-state, in 2022, AP scores should be released between mid-June and early July. As for what time AP scores come out, the college board has stated that the first AP scores will be released at 7 am EST in June/July 2022.

From 2020 to 2022, AP score release dates were delayed due to the covid-19 crisis, with some states experiencing greater delays than others.

3. Can I send AP scores after the deadline?

Yes, you can submit AP scores anytime after the June 20th deadline through the college board for a fee. Before June 20th, students may use their “free score send” to send their AP scores to a college or university free of charge.

4. Did AP scores come out?

The 2022 AP scores have not yet come out. If you are wondering how long AP scores take to release or what time they come out, we’ve got you covered! AP scores are scheduled to release at 7 am EST on varying dates between mid-June and early July. 

How long it takes to get your AP scores will vary depending on your state. All AP scores will be out before the end of July 2022.

5. Will my previous AP scores be included in my score report?

Yes, all of your previous AP scores are available for your college, scholarship program, or university to see when you send your score report. However, you can choose to withhold or cancel your scores if you do not want them to be shown. 

6. Can I retake the AP exam?

AP exams are only administered once a year, but you can retake an exam if you’re unhappy with your score, and you can take the exam as many times as it’s offered. Keep in mind that each score you receive is reported unless you specifically ask for scores to be canceled out. 

Unless you have the means to retake the exam, we wouldn’t recommend it. Your score is not as detrimental to your admissions as you think, and the process can be rather expensive if you retake the exam multiple times. 

Final Thoughts: When AP Scores Come Out

AP exams can be frightening. The test encompasses everything you learned from that class, and the material is taught at an introductory college level. But the process can be rewarding if you put in the hard work. Keep this guide in mind as you begin your AP journey, and you are sure to succeed. Good luck and happy testing!

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