University of Pennsylvania

Akash Attributes His UPenn Acceptance to Getting One-On-One College Application Support

University of Pennsylvania
Akash came to Quad Education for help when he realized there weren’t enough high school counselors at his school to fulfill the needs of hundreds of students.
Seeking more support to guide him through the college application process, he sought us out for our personalized, one-on-one early College Profile Development Program.

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Akash’s high school only had five counselors to fulfill the needs of more than 200 students. Like many other high school students across the country, he didn’t know much about the college application process or what top schools expected of candidates. Akash knew he wouldn’t get the continued, one-on-one support he needed without an expert admissions counselor.

How Did Quad Education Help?

When Akash came to us for help, we began by teaching him more about the parts of a college application using our project management tracker. We craft and personalize a tracker for each student to ensure they understand college application steps and deadlines so that their documents are submitted on time. We helped him prepare a personalized program to ensure he selected the right courses and participated in meaningful extracurriculars to differentiate his profile the year before he planned to apply.


Akash applied to the University of Pennsylvania’s early decision program and was thrilled to get accepted to his first-choice school.

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