Stanford University

Kenji’s Portfolio Made an Outstanding Addition to His College Profile, Helping Him Gain An Early Acceptance

Stanford University
Kenji had always dreamed of attending Stanford University but knew the competition would be fierce.
With a love of film, animation, and photography, we helped Kenji transform his passions into a masterful portfolio.

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Kenji knew his academic success wouldn’t hinder his Stanford application, but he wasn’t sure what else he could do to stand out and get accepted at his dream school. Although he’s a talented artist with a special interest in film and animation, he wasn’t sure if he could (or should) share his artistic talent, especially when considering a science major.

How Did Quad Education Help?

Through our College Profile Development program, we thoroughly reviewed Kenji's accomplishments, passions, and experiences to identify his strengths and other meaningful elements he could add to his application. 

We helped Kenji sift through his past projects and identify the work that best captured his unique skill set and personal style. We encouraged Kenji to submit an optional arts supplement despite his interest in science to showcase his well-rounded, varied interests and passions.


Adding differentiation to Kenji’s application helped him get accepted through Stanford Restrictive Early Action.

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