Harvard University

We Helped Mia Construct Masterful Application Essays to Perfect Her Harvard Application

Harvard University
Mia’s passion for research, science, and math spanned numerous subject areas and strategically positioned herself as an intellectually curious student, ready to tackle today’s most puzzling questions about physics.
Mia sought us out for essay writing assistance and was ultimately admitted to Harvard.

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While Mia’s academic standing aligned with the average Harvard student, she felt her essay writing skills weren’t up to the task. When she struggled with main ideas, sentence transitions, and ensuring her narratives came full circle, she came to Quad Education for help. Since application essays are quite different from academic papers, it can be challenging for students to write about themselves in a way that shows admissions committees why they’d be a fantastic addition to the incoming class.

How Did Quad Education Help?

As with any masterful essay, we helped Mia identify the bones on which she could craft a stellar narrative – her most meaningful experiences and traits she wanted to convey in her application. Our applicant persona development process helped us glean more about her research experience, involvement in Model UN conferences, and her unyielding strength and adaptability as she sought out new opportunities to volunteer in her community every time she was relocated due to her father’s job. 

We helped her streamline her narratives, ensured her flow was clear and concise, and performed technical edits to ensure her Harvard essays and personal statement were packaged and ready for submission by the REA deadline.


Mia was elated to receive her Harvard acceptance letter through its restrictive early action program.

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