Northwestern’s HPME BS/MD program

Ren Learned How to Shape His Experiences and Interests Into Compelling College Admissions Essays

Northwestern’s HPME BS/MD program
Ren knew he wanted to enroll in a BS/MD program and achieved a high science GPA and ACT score. He took the right courses and sought meaningful extracurriculars to test his motivation for pre-med courses and beyond.
However, he always found humanities classes more challenging; unlike science or math, there was no one “correct” way to write an essay. He knew he needed stellar admissions essays to show his personality beyond test scores, so he came to us for guidance. With our 5-school, start-to-finish consulting, we learned about Ren’s experiences and personality to help him draft a compelling application narrative and edit it to perfection.

Applicant Persona


East Asian










Even students who are particularly adept at writing can feel intimidated by admissions essays. First, it can be challenging to write about yourself, especially when most high school students are used to writing academic papers. Many students feel unprepared to write admissions essays and may not know how or where to start.

Ren knew he’d need to write a personal statement and supplemental essays to show his fitness for a BS/MD program. Application essay writing help and resources at many schools may be scarce or non-existent. Due to the competitive nature of BS/MD programs, Ren came to us to help maximize his chances of acceptance.

How Did Quad Education Help?

We listened to Ren’s concerns and assured him that many brilliant students stress about admissions essays. We’ve worked with countless students who’ve felt intimidated by personal statements and supplemental essays. We understand that building a winning application narrative takes time and dedication.

Exploring All Interests, Experiences, and Passions

Any application essay is an opportunity to add depth and variation to your profile. Ren’s grades and test scores alone were competitive, but a well-constructed narrative can help any applicant get a leg up on their peers. At Quad Education, we ask questions and engage in friendly, meaningful conversations to learn about each of our client’s interests, experiences, and passions.

After learning more about Ren’s dreams and experiences, we helped him identify anecdotes, events, and qualities that would lay the foundation for masterful essays.

Redline Edits, Guidance, and Finishing Touches

We helped turn Ren’s first drafts into perfect documents ready for submission. Our team of former admissions committee members and writing experts understand what top BS/MD programs seek in applicants; we bring these relevant insights to every student we work with.

After evaluating Ren’s essays for tone, sentence structure, word usage, transitions, grammar, spelling, and more, his work was edited to perfection and ready to help him secure a seat in a top program.


Ren was admitted to three BS/MD programs: Northwestern, Baylor, and Rutgers. He chose to attend Northwestern’s HPME BS/MD program.

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