Sandra Got Into Georgetown After Being Told She Was “Highly Unlikely” To Be Accepted With a 1380 SAT Score

Sandra had dreamt of becoming a lawyer since elementary school. Throughout high school, she maintained a high GPA, took the right courses, and pursued meaningful extracurricular activities related to her passions.
Even with the fantastic steps she’d taken, Sandra sought our help after her school counselor told her she was highly unlikely to be accepted at her first-choice, pre-law school. With a Graduate Coaches’ expert one-on-one guidance and tailored application support, we turned “highly unlikely” into “very possible” through our 10-school all-inclusive package.

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Many college hopefuls may feel ready to ace the SAT, only to find that their scores don’t align with how prepared they felt. There can be many reasons for that: test anxiety, not enough practice, or struggling with time management.

In Sandra’s case, her perfectionism and drive to succeed meant she allocated too much time toward tougher questions without skipping ahead. Although attention to detail isn’t necessarily bad (and it’s quite valuable for the legal field), Sandra didn’t have enough time to retake the SAT and recoiled at the thought of taking a gap year. That’s when she knew she needed an expert admissions consultant’s help to perfect her applications without a higher score.

How Did Quad Education Help?

We immediately told Sandra that her SAT score didn’t have to spell automatic rejection. Most colleges review applications holistically, and we gave her examples of other students who beat the odds at top schools with similar scores. With newfound confidence, Sandra opened up about her passions, interests, and detailed career goals.

Highlighting Intellectual Curiosity

Beyond a lower SAT score than she would’ve liked to achieve, there were many ways we could place Sandra’s academic excellence and intellectual curiosity at the forefront of her application. We learned that Sandra had taken AP classes such as English, Economics, and Government & Politics and that she’d participated in a Model UN conference.

Highlighting these experiences in her application showcases her intellect and drive to cultivate her interests.

Crafting the Perfect College Application Narrative

Even with a stellar GPA, a college application’s qualitative elements matter. Working together through brainstorming sessions, we helped Sandra craft the perfect application narrative, expertly summing up the contributions and value she would add to any classroom. After tailoring her brag sheets to complement her personal statement, Sandra’s received well-written recommendations reaffirming her qualities, skills, and character.


Sandra was accepted at eight schools: Georgetown, NYU, Duke, UVA, the University of Florida, Case Western Reserve, Amherst College, and Washington State. She went with her initial first-choice school: Georgetown University.

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