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We Helped Taylor Craft the Perfect College Application By Showcasing Her Unique Experiences

Pomona College
Although Taylor didn’t have a career goal yet, she knew an expansive liberal arts education would help her find her niche. However, we know better than anyone that getting into a top college takes more than just good grades and test scores. At the beginning of her senior year, Taylor felt panicked: she felt her profile wasn’t differentiated enough to stand out at top schools.
Feeling like just another number, Taylor sought us out. She chose our 10-school all-inclusive package, and we learned more about her to strategically position her application to show admissions committees why she’d make a stellar addition to any incoming class.

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Profile differentiation can be challenging to conceptualize. Students often wonder if their experiences, interests, and passions are unique enough to separate them from thousands of other applicants. Some students may not have had the time to participate in meaningful extracurriculars or academic-related activities.

No matter what a student’s situation and experiences look like, we’ve helped students from all backgrounds depict their individuality and build a captivating applicant persona. In Taylor’s case, she’d had to work a part-time job to help support her family and worried that her perceived lack of extracurriculars would negatively impact her candidacy.

How Did Quad Education Help?

First, we spoke with Taylor and actively listened to her concerns. We assured her that a perceived lack of profile differentiation is a common concern among high school students. We began with a deep dive into Taylor’s life, work, and school experiences. Through an admissions committee-style perspective, we identified activities and experiences that could strategically position her as a standout, competitive applicant.

Discerning the Most Meaningful Experiences and Elements of Her Candidacy

We work with clients from diverse backgrounds with varied interests, activities, and skills. Through our end-to-end consulting, we learned more about Taylor’s volunteer and work experiences and unique hobbies.

Taylor’s hobbies involved writing poems following different meters and styles, including classic sestinas, haikus, and even a shot at iambic pentameter inspired by her love of the Iliad and the Odyssey. At first, she didn’t consider her poetry writing important or interesting enough to include in her application. We showed her how her hobby, part-time work experience at a beauty store, and volunteering at her local animal shelter added differentiation and interest to her profile.

We used her most relevant experiences to craft a differentiated activities list and to guide her personal statement and supplemental essays.


Taylor was accepted at eight schools she applied to, including Pomona College, Claremont McKenna, Colby College, and Colgate University. Taylor chose Pomona College to explore different humanities courses before selecting a major.

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