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Preparing for the ACT can be stressful. You must book a test day, craft your own study schedule (and stick to it), and review and retain key concepts. 

Quad Education is dedicated to providing students with the comprehensive resources they need to navigate every aspect of their journey to college, including admissions tests. 

That’s why we’ve compiled this 55+ page ACT guide to give you the foundation you need to succeed and prepare for test day! Our ultimate guide includes expert insights and advice from our top-scoring ACT tutors, including:

  • An overview of the ACT and its sections
  • Everything you need to know about ACT scores
  • Fun ACT prep ideas to keep you engaged
  • General tips to improve your ACT skills
  • Section-specific tips to help you raise your English, Reading, Math, and Science scores
  • ACT sign-up logistics, what to expect on test day, and much more!

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Admissions Counselor, Columbia University

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