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Getting expert guidance on the college admissions process isn’t always easy for high school students – the process often isn’t touched upon in classes, and many high schools may not have enough counselors to answer each student’s burning questions. 

We’re passionate about making higher education more accessible; with more than 14 years of experience, our expert counselors have helped countless students get accepted to their dream schools. 

Starting with the basics is your first step toward a strategic college application; that’s why we created our 111-page College Admissions Process guide to provide the foundational knowledge you need to succeed! These are just some of the highlights you’ll learn more about when you download our free guide: 

  • An overview of the SAT/ACT 
  • How to ensure your recommendation letters are personalized, in-depth, and show off your best qualities 
  • Personal statement prompts, tips to write them, and examples to help inspire you
  • An exploration of supplemental essays, their purpose, and examples 
  • College interviews, common questions, and how to ace them
  • Waitlists, deferrals, scholarships, and more!

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