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Navigating the American Heritage Schools admissions procedure may present challenges. How do you ensure you’ve hit key milestones and that your documents are compelling? Quad Education’s personalized online support increases your odds of American Heritage success. Get started here!
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Phillips Exeter Academy
Groton School
Trinity School
St. Mark's School of Texas
The College Preparatory School
Commonwealth School
The Nueva School
Riverdale Country School
Stanford Online School
The Brearly School

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American Heritage Schools Admissions Specialists Committed to Your Success

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Our Approach: A Personalized American Heritage Schools Application Strategy

Pre-application support

Pre-Application Support

Determine passions, interests, and meaningful experiences
Identify application narrative
Recommendation letter strategy
Create detailed project plan
Application writing and editing

Application Building & Editing

Candidate statement/essay support & editing
Application portal support
Parent/guardian statement
Expert editing on every document
Interview prep

Interview Prep & Financial Aid Support

Multiple interview simulations
Actionable interview feedback
Financial aid application navigation

Trusted Private School Admissions Support: A General Overview


1. Identify Best-Fit Schools


2. Create Application Strategy


3. Draft Application


4. Write Compelling Admissions Essays/Documents


5. Edit and Iterate


6. Prepare for Interviews


7. Decide Which School to Attend!

Comprehensive American Heritage Schools Application Support

Students and parents receive individualized assistance throughout the American Heritage admissions cycle. We adapt to each family's unique needs, aspirations, and preferences while acting as your guide, support system, friend, and admissions expert!

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Tailored American Heritage Schools Application Strategies

Each American Heritage Schools application timeline and strategy is crafted to align with your busy schedules and aspirations. Our project plans guarantee a thorough understanding of requirements and timely completion of your application before American Heritage’s deadlines.

Write Impactful American Heritage Schools Documents Confidently

Our persona assessment helps your counselor identify your child's most impactful experiences and attributes. These insights lead the way for differentiated application narratives showcasing why they're a stellar fit for American Heritage. Every document undergoes meticulous refinement for grammar, word choice, narrative coherence, and more!

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Enhance Your American Heritage Interview Skills

Hone your interview skills with rigorous simulations to excel in American Heritage Schools interviews. Expert feedback will help improve your response structure and delivery, making for eloquent responses to any question that comes your way.

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When is the right time to start an American Heritage application?

We recommend starting your American Heritage application at least three months before the school's deadline. This allows enough time to gather documents, write statements, and edit your application to perfection. However, it may take longer to craft a compelling application—starting early in the admissions cycle is always best.

Why choose Quad Education for American Heritage Schools admissions support?

Our American Heritage admissions specialists possess extensive mentorship and admissions experience. They leverage their expertise to enhance your application materials, and our persona evaluation ensures personalized application documents. Continuous support is just a call, text, or email away; you’ll never have to tackle the American Heritage Schools admissions process alone!

How hard is it to get into American Heritage Schools?

The American Heritage Schools’ acceptance rate is 25%. Our experts can help boost your chances of acceptance!

Who are Quad’s American Heritage admissions experts?

Our American Heritage admissions specialists are highly capable and knowledgeable. We select only the top 2.5% of experts, guaranteeing professionalism and proficiency.

Can parents participate in the process?

We welcome parental involvement at every step of the American Heritage Schools application support process.

Do you help candidates apply as day and boarding students?

Yes, we help day or boarding candidates apply to American Heritage Schools.