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Applying to Loomis Chaffee is a lengthy process with many application milestones. Our admissions experts are ready to boost your child’s chances of success with comprehensive Loomis Chaffee admissions support at every step! We provide overarching actionable guidance and strategic support to offer you the unrivaled Loomis Chaffee School admissions support you deserve. Are you ready to maximize your child’s chances of Loomis acceptance?
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The Nation’s Most Elite Private Schools Are in Reach With Quad Education

Phillips Academy Andover
Choate Rosemary Hall
Phillips Exeter Academy
Groton School
Trinity School
St. Mark's School of Texas
The College Preparatory School
Commonwealth School
The Nueva School
Riverdale Country School
Stanford Online School
The Brearly School

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Loomis Chaffee Admissions Experts Ready to Provide Compassionate Support

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You Deserve Comprehensive Loomis Chaffee School Application Support: Our Process

Pre-application support

Pre-Application Support

Determine passions, interests, and meaningful experiences
Identify application narrative
Recommendation letter strategy
Create detailed project plan
Application writing and editing

Application Building & Editing

Candidate statement/essay support & editing
Gateway to Prep Schools/Standard Online Application portal support
Parent/guardian statement
Expert editing on every document
Interview prep

Interview Prep & Financial Aid Support

Multiple interview simulations
Actionable interview feedback
Financial aid application navigation

Private High School Admissions Success Starts With Quad Education


1. Identify Best-Fit Schools


2. Create Application Strategy


3. Draft Application


4. Write Compelling Admissions Essays/Documents


5. Edit and Iterate


6. Prepare for Interviews


7. Decide Which School to Attend!

Loomis Chaffee Admissions Support: Your First Step to Application Excellence

We believe in preparing students for and supporting them throughout the Loomis Chaffee admissions process. We spend time understanding you and your child’s individual needs, aspirations, and expectations to ensure our collaboration runs smoothly and has a substantial impact on your Loomis application. We’re committed to boosting your chances of Loomis Chaffee School acceptance.

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Original Loomis Chaffee School Application Plans & Strategies for Every Student

Our Loomis Chaffee School application plans are customized for each student. Our commitment to open communication enables us to create detailed, compelling documents portraying why your child would be a fantastic addition to the Loomis class. Our project trackers ensure we hit key application milestones and perfect their narratives in advance of application deadlines.

Expert Loomis Chaffee Application Narratives & Documents Starts Here

We are committed to assisting you in building a distinctive Loomis Chaffee School application that showcases why you’re the perfect fit. We conduct a thorough assessment to uncover your strengths, significant experiences, and most impactful anecdotes. We use what we learn to help you brainstorm and craft captivating candidate/parent statements, develop a letter of recommendation strategy, and more.

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Ace Loomis Chaffee Interviews With Practice & Feedback

Interview success begins with understanding Loomis Chaffee School's interview format and receiving actionable feedback to refine your skills. Our Loomis Chaffee admissions counselors also serve as interview specialists, ready to guide you through rigorous simulations. Our coaching mirrors what you’ll encounter during your actual interview, and our insights help you improve your answers and delivery before the big day.

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When should students start their Loomis Chaffee applications?

We encourage students to begin the application process as soon as possible; our recommendation is to start working on your application a minimum of three months before the Loomis Chaffee School deadline. This timeline ensures you have adequate time to build your application, write statements, and obtain detailed recommendation letters. However, the time it takes you to build a compelling application may take more or less time.

Do you help current high school students apply to Loomis Chaffee?

We can help current high school students in any grade apply to Loomis Chaffee, including students interested in the school’s postgraduate program.

Why should parents choose Quad Education for Loomis application support?

Quad Education’s admissions counselors possess extensive admissions knowledge and mentorship experience, allowing us to strategically position you as the ideal Loomis Chaffee School applicant. Every student we collaborate with receives insider knowledge into the Loomis Chaffee School admissions process while we help you tailor and edit your documents. From application portal navigation to interview preparation, our consultants are dedicated to maximizing your odds of Loomis Chaffee acceptance.

How hard is it to get into the Loomis Chaffee School?

Loomis Chaffee’s acceptance rate is 18%, comparable to some of the nation’s most renowned colleges. Quad Education aims to boost your chances of admission—we’re committed to your success.

Who are your Loomis Chaffee School experts?

Our admissions consultants are masters at guiding students through private school admissions protocols. Our rigorous selection method means we only onboard 2.5% of admissions counselors we speak with each year. Our selectivity helps us ensure that families receive the best guidance, relevant insights, and compassionate support possible.

Can parents check on their child’s progress throughout the program?

Here at Quad Education, we encourage parent involvement. The Loomis Chaffee application process also requires a parent statement; our experts can help you build and edit your own!

Do you help students apply as day/boarding students at Loomis?

We can help you apply to Loomis whether you’re ready to become a day or boarding student.