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Starting your Lawrenceville School application can feel overwhelming. How can you be sure your child’s application will strike a chord with the admissions committee? Our private school application support programs are designed to empower families in creating compelling Lawrenceville School application documents. We blend strategic guidance and compassionate support to give you the ultimate admissions counseling experience while maximizing your child’s chances of acceptance at The Lawrenceville School!
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Our Admissions Counselors Have Helped Students Get Into The Country’s Top Private Schools

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Phillips Exeter Academy
Groton School
Trinity School
St. Mark's School of Texas
The College Preparatory School
Commonwealth School
The Nueva School
Riverdale Country School
Stanford Online School
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Unrivaled Lawrenceville Admissions Support: You Deserve The Best

Pre-application support

Pre-Application Support

Determine passions, interests, and meaningful experiences
Identify application narrative
Recommendation letter strategy
Create detailed project plan
Application writing and editing

Application Building & Editing

Candidate statement/essay support & editing
Gateway to Prep Schools portal support
Parent/guardian statement
Expert editing on every document
Interview prep

Interview Prep & Financial Aid Support

Multiple interview simulations
Actionable interview feedback
Financial aid application navigation

Your Roadmap to Private High School Admissions Success


1. Identify Best-Fit Schools


2. Create Application Strategy


3. Draft Application


4. Write Compelling Admissions Essays/Documents


5. Edit and Iterate


6. Prepare for Interviews


7. Decide Which School to Attend!

The Lawrenceville School Application Process Meets Expert Support

Our team is dedicated to providing students with the knowledge, tools, and skills they’ll need to navigate The Lawrenceville School’s application process. We take the time to understand your unique needs, goals, and preferences to ensure our time together has a profound positive impact on your application’s quality. Our mission is to maximize your chances of acceptance to The Lawrenceville School with unrivaled admissions expertise and guidance at every step.

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Tailored Lawrenceville School Application Plans & Strategies

Our Lawrenceville School application plans are tailored uniquely for each student. We invest time connecting with students and families, enabling us to create comprehensive application documents accurately depicting why you’d be a stellar addition to The Lawrenceville School’s incoming class. Our application trackers leave no detail unattended as we collaborate to perfect your documents before the deadline.

Crafting Exceptional Lawrenceville School Statements & Documents

We’re committed to helping you build a differentiated Lawrenceville School application demonstrating your fit. We conduct a thorough persona assessment to uncover your strengths, experiences, and most impactful anecdotes. We use these insights to help you brainstorm and formulate compelling candidate/parent statements, plan your recommendation letter strategy, and much more.

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Boost Your Confidence With Lawrenceville School Interview Simulations

Interview day success starts with understanding The Lawrenceville School’s interview format and getting constructive feedback to hone your skills. Our admissions counselors double as interview specialists, ready to guide you through simulations. Our coaching ensures your answer structures, delivery, and tone are polished, and you feel ready for the big day.

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When should students start their Lawrenceville School applications?

Commencing the Lawrenceville School application process well in advance is encouraged. We recommend families start at least three months before the mid-January deadline to allow enough time for statement writing, completing the Gateway to Prep Schools application, and securing recommendation letters. However, building a strong application may take longer depending on numerous factors, such as your schedule.

Can you help students already in high school apply to The Lawrenceville School?

Yes, we help current high school students ready to apply to The Lawrenceville School. Whether you’re currently enrolled in public school, private school, or are homeschooled, our experts are here to help.

Why choose Quad for The Lawrenceville School application support?

Our team understands how to strategically position you as the ultimate Lawrenceville School applicant based on our extensive admissions knowledge and mentorship experience. Every student who works with us receives relevant insights into the admissions process, expert application guidance, and meticulous editing support. From starting your application to interview prep and beyond, our experts are passionate about helping you maximize your chances of acceptance to The Lawrenceville School.

How hard is it to get into The Lawrenceville School?

The Lawrenceville School’s acceptance rate is 15%, which is just as selective as some of the nation’s top higher education institutions! Crafting your application with this statistic in mind can be intimidating, but Quad Education’s mission is to tip the scales in your favor.

Who are your Lawrenceville admissions experts?

Our Lawrenceville School admissions experts have extensive experience guiding students through the private high school admissions process. Our selective onboarding process means we only work with 2.5% of the admissions counselors we speak with annually. This rigorous selection process ensures students and parents receive the best guidance and most relevant insights possible.

Can parents be involved in The Lawrenceville School application process?

We welcome parents to get involved as we help their children navigate Lawrenceville admissions. Our experts can also assist parents/guardians as they craft and edit their own statements.

Do you help students apply as day and boarding students?

We help students applying to The Lawrenceville School, whether they want to apply as day or boarding students.