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How Quad Education’s Practice SAT Math Exam Works

Our practice SAT Math exam is easy to use and was created by our SAT experts with decades of tutoring experience. We’ll send you the practice exam to your inbox, and you can take it from there. Our practice test offers answers and explanations to questions to help you understand why each answer might be right or wrong.

Watch Our SAT Expert Explain How to Answer Math Questions

SAT/ACT Fundamentals: 
Math Question Placement
SAT/ACT Fundamentals: 
Plugging In Numbers
SAT/ACT Fundamentals: 
Matrix Problems
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SAT Math Topics Explained By Our Experts

SAT/ACT Crash Course: 
Unit Circle
SAT/ACT Crash Course: 
Basic Trigonometry
SAT/ACT Crash Course: 
Linear Regression
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1. Is Quad's SAT Math Test Free?

Yes, Quad’s SAT Math Practice Test is absolutely free. We believe in making quality education accessible to all. All you need to do is complete the math exam, and voila! You'll receive the results with answers, helping you track your progress. 

You can also access our full-length practice SAT exam completely free of charge!

2. How Long Does It Take to Complete The SAT Math Section?

The Math section of the SAT takes 70 minutes to complete. This section includes 44 questions, which will take you around 1 minute and 35 seconds to answer each question.

3. What Kind of Math Concepts Does the SAT Math Section Test?

The types of math concepts tested on the new SAT are

  • Algebra
  • Advanced math
  • Problem-solving and data analysis
  • Geometry and trigonometry

4. Can I Use a Calculator In the SAT Math Section?

Yes, you can use a calculator for the math section of the digital SAT. However, you may only use it during the math section only. It’ll be up to you to decide if you should use the calculator for all of the Math section or for only part of it.