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How Quad Education’s Practice SAT Reading Exam Works

Our practice SAT Reading exam is easy to use and was created by our SAT experts with decades of tutoring experience. We’ll send you the practice exam to your inbox, and you can take it from there. Our practice test offers answers and explanations to questions to help you understand why each answer might be right or wrong.

Watch Our SAT Expert Explain How to Answer Reading Questions

SAT/ACT Fundamentals: 
Concluding Sentence
SAT/ACT Fundamentals: 
Most Nearly Means...
SAT/ACT Fundamentals: 
Deleting a Sentence
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SAT Reading Topics Explained By Our Experts

SAT/ACT Crash Course: 
Misplaced Modifiers
SAT/ACT Crash Course: 
How to Read Graphs and Tables
SAT/ACT Crash Course: 
Sentence Placement
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1. Is Quad's SAT Reading Test Free?

Quad’s SAT Reading Practice Test is accessible and free to anyone interested.  Once you’ve completed the reading test, you'll receive your results with the answers. This will help you see how you’ll do on the real exam.

If you need further practice, you can also access our full-length practice SAT test free of charge!

2. How Long Does It Take to Complete the SAT Reading Section?

The SAT Reading and Writing section takes 64 minutes to complete, and consists of 54 questions. This will give you roughly 1 minute and 11 seconds to answer each question.

3. Is SAT Reading the Hardest Section of the Exam?

Most students believe the reading portion of the SAT is the most difficult section. This is because it includes passages that can be hard to understand due to the vocabulary and questions asked. To succeed in the reading section, you need strong analytical skills.

4. How Do I Prepare For the SAT Reading Test?AT Math Section?

Because the SAT reading section is difficult, you’ll need to practice extra hard. Here are some tips to help you prepare:

  • Understand the different types of SAT reading passages
  • For specific questions, use keyword skimming
  • Write a summary in the margins for each paragraph as you read
  • Don't read every word; just focus on what you need by moving back and forth from the passage and questions
  • Manage your time throughout the test

Remember, to do well on this section of the SAT, you’ll need to develop and strengthen your analytical and critical skills.