SAT Scores By State

The average SAT scores by state vary considerably. When you’re applying for college, one of the first things students want to know is how their scores compare to their peers. This is especially important if you’re applying to colleges in a different state and want to compare yourself to the standard in that location.

So, are you ready to see how each state fares when it comes to SAT scores? Let’s go through it!

Average SAT Scores By State

Comparing each state’s SAT score can be a bit tricky. This is because the amount of students who actually write the SAT in each state is different. Some states require students to take the SAT, while in other states, students may only take it voluntarily. To get an accurate picture, keep in mind the number of test takers for each state.

Source: CollegeBoard

What Is the Average SAT Score For College?

The national average SAT score for college is 1028. This breaks down to a 508 Math score and a 520 EBRW score.

It’s often a good idea to try to score as high as possible on the SAT, especially if you’re planning on attending an elite college. Keep in mind that having a great score on the SAT means different things to each school.

How Should I Compare My Results To The Scores Above?

The best way to compare your results to the scores above, try to find states that have a similar amount of test takers. This ensures that the students writing the SAT are at approximately the same academic level. Doing this, you’ll be better able to compare SAT scores by state.

Getting ready for the SAT takes the right planning. The best way to go about preparing is by making an appropriate study guide that ensures you’re studying each relevant section. If you ever feel you need additional tutoring for the SAT, don’t hesitate to reach out for help.


Still have questions about average SAT state scores? Check out our expert answers below!

1. What’s the Average SAT Score In Texas?

The average SAT score in Texas is 978. This is below the 1028 national average.

2. What Is Colorado’s Mean Score On the SAT?

Colorado’s mean score on the SAT is 996. This breaks down to a 508 ERW score, and a 388 mean Math score.

Final Thoughts

The SAT scores by state fluctuate quite a bit. No matter where you go, the total number of students writing the test and the Math/ERW scores are unique. Each state approaches education differently, and thus the students come in with different backgrounds.

The SAT is an important milestone in the academic career of students all over America. Being able to have a standardized test is a way to demonstrate to colleges your capabilities. In any case, with the right planning and approach, anyone can perform well on the SAT. It’s simply a matter of hard work and dedication.

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