Free ACT Practice Questions Pop Quiz With Explanations

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Do you want free access to five exam-like ACT example questions? Try our ACT Example Question Quiz today! Our quiz is completely free and contains five sample ACT questions with answers. 

How Does Quad’s Mini Practice ACT Test Work?

All you need to do is enter your email address, and you have access to five ACT practice problems. Once you’ve selected an answer, a pop-up window will appear to inform you if your answer is correct or incorrect. The window will also explain the correct answer to help you absorb as much helpful information as possible. 

At the end of the ACT practice Quiz, you’ll be able to see your score and review the answers to each question. You may retake the practice test at any time after completing it. If you’re looking for more helpful tips and ACT study tools, consider setting up a consultation with one of our experienced ACT tutors. Let’s get started!

Why ACT Practice Questions Are Important

ACT review questions with explanations help you understand the question types and content you’ll see on test day. These questions help you gain familiarity and confidence and can also show you where your strengths and weaknesses lie. 

Types of ACT Test Questions

ACT questions revolve around the test’s four sections: 

  • Reading 
  • English
  • Science 

All questions are multiple-choice and are designed to test the competencies you learn in high school while assessing your college readiness. 

Effectively Incorporating ACT Testing Questions into Your Study Plan

Effectively incorporating ACT review questions into your study schedule starts with taking a test to assess your baseline knowledge. The number and types of questions you answer correctly help you gauge your current understanding while assessing your strengths and weaknesses. 

Reviewing your ACT answers (especially the ones you answered incorrectly) helps you learn and retain the information you’ll need to answer similar questions in the future. Getting many questions right may signal you’re ready to take the ACT.

Tracking Progress and Identifying Weaknesses

Taking ACT practice quizzes or tests is a great way to assess your progress as you work through your ACT prep plan. More correct answers show you’re improving, while the questions you answer incorrectly can show your current weaknesses and areas you can improve in for a higher ACT composite score


Want to learn more about preparing for the ACT and our Pop Quiz? Read on for answers to frequently asked questions! 

1. What Strategies Can I Employ to Make the Most of ACT Test Sample Questions in My Preparation?

Making the most of your ACT prep starts with a growth mindset! Make the most of sample practice questions by using them as a tool to analyze your knowledge and identify areas where you can improve. 

You can also time yourself as you complete ACT sample questions to ensure you’re working under test-day conditions. 

2. What Is the Best Way to Review and Analyze Incorrect Answers from ACT Questions?

The best way to review ACT answers is to understand why you answered incorrectly. Did you misunderstand the question or have gaps in your knowledge? Understanding why you missed the question is your first step to getting the correct ACT answer the next time! 

Analyzing incorrect answers is incomplete without understanding the correct answer. Our mini ACT practice test includes explanations for incorrect answers to empower you the next time you encounter similar content. 

3. Do ACT Pop Quiz Questions Cover the Same Topics and Formats as the Actual ACT Test?

Yes, our ACT Pop Quiz questions cover ACT questions comparable to what you’d see on exam day. While our test isn’t timed or administered by paper like the actual ACT, it’s a great tool to incorporate into your ACT study schedule! 

4. Can ACT Example Questions Be Used as a Diagnostic Tool to Assess My Readiness for the Test?

Working with ACT practice questions can be a handy diagnostic tool to show you where your weaknesses and strengths lie based on your correct or incorrect answers. Reading ACT guides can help you get expert tips to address your improvement areas! 

5. How Many ACT Sample Questions Should I Aim to Complete Before Taking the Exam?

Many students complete between two and five full-length ACT practice tests before test day, totaling 430 to 1,075 practice questions, not including other assignments or tools. The number of ACT practice questions you complete depends on your goals and how confident you are with the ACT’s content. 

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