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Essay #1: “Tell us more about why this field of study at MIT appeals to you. 100 words.”

Biological engineering’s flexibility frees my mathematical mind, the complexities of which can only really be adequately comprehended through interdisciplinary lenses like those of bioengineering. To me, the mystery and mystique of the cell is paralleled only by the multi-faceted methodology of mathematics itself. As with biology, I’m drawn to math because it’s ubiquitous and there are multifarious pathways to the same answer, just as there are in life. As for my pathway, I’m still paving it but undoubtedly the most formidable foundation for learning about life would be studying bioengineering at the Mass mecca of modern mathematics and science: MIT.

Essay #2: “We know you lead a busy life, full of activities, many of which are required of you. Tell us about something you do simply for the pleasure of it. (225 words or fewer)”

Right foot back, along with your weight, then put your weight back on your left leg, throwing yourself slowly forward and bringing back your right foot. Repeat with the left foot. That’s the first basic salsa movement I learned from some lessons taken with my mother when we accompanied my sister to her therapy in [CITY]. Besides learning to dance, I discovered how complete salsa can feel when dancing to it. Salsa is music intended for dance, and it wasn't until I learned to dance that I realized all I was missing from the music. With more practice, I eventually learned to spin (with ease, even!) and mix multiple steps and movements comfortably alongside the music such that it felt like riding a bike.

Essay #3: “Describe the world you come from (for example, your family, school, community, city, or town). How has that world shaped your dreams and aspirations? (225 words or fewer)”

When the alluvion occurred, every tent throughout the hills of [CITY]- some with people still inside - washed downhill into the city. It was in this city of [CITY] that I was born and exposed to the gritty reality of immigrant life, catalyzing my drive to be both informed about immigration policy in multifarious countries and involved in aiding the immigration process by spearheading an initiative called [NAME OF ORGANIZATION] for volunteers to teach Spanish to [ETHNICITY] immigrants. 

Besides the [CITY] alluvion washing tents downhill, I saw my sister get metaphorically washed downhill from a young age, as she’s 12 but isn’t yet able to read or write. She suffers from [DISEASE] and a [DISORDER], and I’ve seen her struggle in school, where administrative solutions include skipping tests, activities, and basic education instead of actually providing the necessary assistance. Consequently, she must now climb back uphill and regain all she’s lost academically due to lack of both quality therapy and support from her standardized education system. 

Accompanying my sister on her epigenetic journey since she was born, I’ve become engrossed in neurobiology and genetics, particularly as they apply to access and quality of education for people with disabilities, including [DISORDER] like my sister’s. I dream of a world where she can read, write, and communicate just as I’ve been blessed by my education to do.

Essay #4: “MIT brings people with diverse backgrounds and experiences together to better the lives of others. Our students work to improve their communities in different ways, from tackling the world’s biggest challenges to being a good friend. Describe one way you have collaborated with people who are different from you to contribute to your community. (225 words or fewer)”

You know the game “Telephone”, right? Well, imagine playing that game with other players who don’t speak the same language! Because of the chain-link-like solution we ended up using to bypass our “Lost In Translation” woes, I’ve taken to calling this particular “Telephone” game iteration “Translation Chain”.

In my first week abroad and alone in [COUNTRY], the language school spearheaded a Saturday and Sunday “get-to-know-you” event for the neighborhood consisting of the international students bringing their favourite candies or games played in their country. The purpose was to ask questions about how to respect and adapt to [ETHNICITY] culture, practice our [LANGUAGE], and give the community a place to share and learn from other cultures. 

We organized ourselves at tables with different games and food, dividing the better [LANGUAGE] speakers equally to be able to communicate properly. In my group, [NAME], my Mexican friend, spoke [LANGUAGE] almost fluently but not English, so he’d translate sentences uttered in [LANGUAGE] from [LANGUAGE] to Spanish for me, I’d translate from Spanish to English for my [NATIONALITY] friend [NAME], she’d translate English into [LANGUAGE] for [NAME], and when someone who spoke [LANGUAGE] came to play a game or inquired about the desserts, we’d pass word back along the same “Translation Chain”.

In playing “Translation Chain”, we successfully connected with our ne

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