Which AP Class Should You Take? Quiz

Are you a student interested in exploring top-quality AP (Advanced Placement) classes? Do you need help deciding which ones to take? We understand this can be daunting, but we've made it easy and convenient for you. Take our 3-minute AP quiz, designed with your needs in mind, to help you find the right AP classes!

Why Choose an AP Class?

AP classes offer more than just rigorous academic challenges and college-level coursework. They are a gateway to exciting new opportunities, such as earning college credit and standing out to colleges. Imagine the doors that could open for you with these achievements under your belt!

Advanced Placement classes are one of the most optimal ways to impress colleges and potentially earn extra credits. 

While you do not need them to get into college, taking AP courses can save you money in the long haul by making your college application more competitive. Though AP exams require a lot of effort, they are worth the reward.  

How Does Quad’s Advanced Placement Classes Finder Work?

Our quiz is a straightforward tool that simplifies the search for your perfect fit. Based on your responses, we'll recommend an AP class that aligns with your goals. Here are the factors the quiz considers:

  • The type of school activities you enjoy the most
  • The subjects you excel in
  • The kind of extracurricular activities that interest you
  • Your future career aspirations 
  • The type of challenges you enjoy tackling 
  • Your learning motivations


First-year students looking to start their first AP classes always have a few questions. Some common questions include how the test works when you should take which classes, and other specifics.  

What AP Classes are Best to Take?

The best AP classes to take vary depending on your interests and goals. If you are pursuing a career in STEM fields, then AP Calculus AB/BC and AP Sciences are highly valuable. On the other hand, if you want to improve your language and writing skills, then AP English courses are perfect for you. 

What Are the Hardest AP Classes to Take?

The most difficult AP exams usually focus on math-based sciences, advanced levels of statistics, and calculus. Students do not usually explore these subjects in great depth unless they choose to pursue them as college majors. 

Similarly, Literature and History exams are complex. The essay writing sections of these exams require a fundamental skill set that has specific requirements that you will need to memorize as part of the course.

What is the Easiest AP Class to Get a 5?

While no AP class is universally "easy," some students find certain subjects more accessible. AP classes like AP Environmental Science, AP Human Geography, and AP Psychology are often considered more manageable for obtaining a high score of 5 due to their less rigorous content and broader appeal. 

However, it's crucial to understand that success still requires dedication and thorough preparation. Scoring a 5 on any AP exam demands a solid understanding of the subject matter and mastery of exam-taking strategies.

What AP Classes Do Ivy Leagues Like?

Some AP courses that Ivy League admissions committees highly value include Calculus (AB or BC), English Language and Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History (U.S., World, or European), Computer Science, and Foreign Languages. These courses demonstrate proficiency in key academic areas such as mathematics, science, humanities, and languages. 

However, it's important to note that Ivy League admissions are holistic, considering various factors beyond academics, such as extracurricular activities, essays, recommendation letters, and personal qualities. While taking AP courses is commendable, applicants should strive for balance and pursue their passions outside the classroom while maintaining strong academic performance.

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