Learn How Quad Education Helped Carter Get Accepted to McCombs at the University of Texas at Austin

Carter wanted to cut through the noise and ensure he received the best advice possible as he crafted his college applications—we were there at every step to maximize his chances of success! Discover Carter’s Quad Education review below.


With so many opinions and advice saturating forums, social media, and other platforms, Carter wanted solid advice he could count on that was personalized to his journey. “There’s a million and one channels that you’re supposed to navigate to acquire the best result and when you look at it from the outside, you see what is a million and one opinions as well, that all diverge at various points that don't line up for yourself,” he said. 

Carter sought help to ensure his applications would be personalized and tailored to reflect his goals and personality. He knew that he wanted someone that would “get to know you, and then eventually learn to understand you as a person to help you really understand what you want.” 

Let’s explore how we helped Carter take the reins and carve a path toward college success!

How Quad Education Helped

Quad Education stood out to Carter because of our one-on-one support model and every Quad counselor’s commitment to helping students differentiate and customize their application documents to stand out. “You essentially get what is the best of all worlds—you get that conventional wisdom that is then applied to your own personal applications across the board, and you have such a large support system. It really is unique in the college admissions space,” he said. 

Carter worked with his admissions counselor to tailor his essays and application documents to align with top schools’ expectations while also staying true to his personality and style. “The counselor becomes invested in your success. You’re in this together…you’re a team, and your counselor is rooting for you the entire time,” he said. 

He was also impressed that his counselor offered to not only help him convey his goals to admissions committees but also achieve them. “I remember when I was running for class president at the end of junior year, and I was writing a speech and I was looking to get someone to help review it, and she offered right away when she heard I was running,” he said. 

Our mission of making education accessible for all and our commitment to student success is the pillar of every student-counselor pairing we make. “She had a genuine desire to see everything through,” said Carter.


Carter was accepted to the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin!

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