Learn How Quad Education Helped Lucien Get Accepted to the Trinity College Dublin and Columbia University Dual BA Program!

Lucien wanted clear-cut advice on best positioning himself in the college admissions process—we were there to provide the unrivaled support he needed! Discover Lucien’s Quad Education review below. 


In the summer before his senior year, Lucien struggled with school selection, his Common App personal statement, and the supplemental essays he’d need to write for the colleges he was applying to. “I was uncertain about which programs to apply to, so I was looking for help in sort of getting clarification on programs and help with my essays,” he said. 

Lucien found everything about the college admissions process stressful. “There’s a lot of variables and moving parts I was sort of unsure about in terms of representing the parts of my application…I didn’t know what would look best to colleges,” he said. Lucien said that he also found completing supplementals challenging due to the broadness of the prompts and the multiple avenues he could take his narratives. 

Let’s dive into how we supported Lucien’s college admissions journey and helped him get accepted to his dream program!

How Quad Education Helped

The quality of Lucien’s initial consultation stood out to him, as well as our one-on-one support model. We started by helping Lucien explore his options, including the Trinity College Dublin and Columbia University Dual BA Program. “I…got into a lot of other great schools, but ultimately found that this was the best option for me,” he said. 

Lucien worked with his admissions counselor to refine his Common App personal statement and supplemental essays and eloquently share his story. “The available anytime aspect of it really stuck out to me, because it wasn’t like a weekly meeting, it was just sort of a constant relationship of sending essays over, getting feedback immediately, generally being in constant communication,” he said. 

Lucien said that our dedication to open, continued communication was the most valuable aspect of the support he received. “My mentor was really helpful in sort of directing me to those different strengths and what to highlight and what not to, and what to talk about in interviews,” he said. 

Our commitment to student success and catering to each student’s needs is always at the forefront of every interaction. Lucien said his counselor exceeded his expectations due to their flexibility and availability as they helped him craft a winning application.


Lucien was accepted to the Trinity College Dublin and Columbia University Dual BA Program!

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