Yvette Shares How Quad Education Helped Her Daughter Get Accepted to Her Top School Choices

When Yvette and her daughter Natalia found us and signed up, they quickly learned how Quad Education demystifies the college admissions process and helps candidates find ways to stand out. Discover Yvette's Quad Education review below.


Yvette began searching for admissions counselors “out of a need to find someone who would help through the college application process.” She wanted to find someone who could outline how the process had changed since she’d last gone through it. 

Realizing how much work goes into helping candidates stand out, she wanted to ensure Natalia’s best traits and experiences shone through in her application documents across an “incredibly competitive roster of candidates.”

How Quad Education Helped

Our persona development process ensured we determined the characteristics Natalia wanted to show most in her application: her leadership skills, athleticism, and aspirations to be a healthcare professional. 

Yvette and Natalia benefited from our flexible schedule, tangible feedback, and regular virtual meetings to stay on task. Yvette said she found the most value in the fact that we paired Natalia with a professional in her desired field (anesthesiology) who happened to also be a person of color. “That proved to be incredibly valuable as Natalia shaped her story about wanting to be a Black female doctor in America.”


Quad Education helped Natalia get accepted to her top school choices, including Loyola Marymount University, Spellman University, and George Washington University. Yvette and Natalia ultimately chose Loyola Marymount University with an annual $25,000 scholarship.

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