Do Ivy Leagues Give Scholarships? What You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about Ivy Leagues and scholarships
April 26, 2024
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Do Ivy Leagues give scholarships? This article will answer your questions about the kinds of scholarships Ivy Leagues offer. 

Ivy League schools are known to be more expensive than your average college or university. Receiving an education from an Ivy League university can cost students upwards of $56,000 per year for attendance alone, as per the most recent university rankings in the US

Those hoping to attend an Ivy League school often wonder how they can cover these costs. This leads many students and their parents to ask: “Do Ivy Leagues give scholarships?” 

The short answer is yes; however, Ivy League schools only offer certain scholarships. This article will dive deeper into the types of scholarships you can get for your Ivy League education.

Do Ivy League Schools Give Merit Scholarships?

No, Ivy League schools don't give future students scholarships based on merit, talent, or athletics. However, they provide good need-based financial assistance for students who can't afford tuition. For example, all Ivy League schools promise to cover the costs for students who can prove they need help paying for college.

However, you may still be able to earn external merit scholarships! If you explore your merit scholarship options, you can find many outside scholarships that award funding based on merit and talent. 

Do Ivy League Schools Give Athletic Scholarships?

Although Ivy League schools can admit you based on your athletic performance, they do not offer athletic scholarships to admitted students. Student-athletes are also provided Ivy League scholarships on the basis of financial need.

Financial Aid At Ivy League Schools

With merit scholarships and athletic scholarships off the table for Ivy League schools, you might be wondering what other options are available to help you finance your Ivy League education. The rest of this article will answer some frequently asked questions about financial aid and scholarships in Ivy League Schools.

FAQs: Do Ivy Leagues Give Scholarships?

Still have some questions about Ivy League Scholarships? Below we will be answering some frequently asked questions about Ivy League Scholarships, financial aid, and more!

1. Why Don't Ivy Leagues Give Merit and Athletic Scholarships?

Ivy Leagues do not provide merit and athletic scholarships due to the highly competitive nature of the Ivy League admissions process. 

With much slimmer acceptance rates than an average college or university, students admitted into the Ivy Leagues have already proven their merit in both academics and athletics.

2. Do Ivy Leagues Give Scholarships?

Although they do not give merit or athletic scholarships, Ivy League Schools do provide internal scholarships based on demonstrated financial need. Need-based financial aid is initially assessed by filing a Free Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA)

Here are the standard need-based scholarships offered by each Ivy League University:

University Does This Ivy League University Give Scholarships? Name of Scholarship or Type of Financial Aid Description of Scholarship Sources
Brown University Yes Brown University Scholarship
Sidney E. Frank Scholars
Brown University Scholarship is offered to students who are in financial need, after the student contributes what they can
Sidney E. Frank Scholars is offered to students in need
Brown University
Columbia University No N/A Financial aid is offered to meet 100% of demonstrated financial need. Columbia University
Cornell University Yes Cornell University Grant
Endowed Scholarships
Cornell Grants are available to undergraduate students who demonstrate financial need.
Cornell Endowed Scholarships is offered in combination with Cornell grants to eligible undergraduates.
Cornell University
Dartmouth College Yes Dartmouth College Scholarships
Dartmouth Endowed Scholarships
Dartmouth Scholarships are offered to those on a need-based basis.
Endowed scholarships pairs students to one or more endowed scholarship funds which they’ll need to answer a survey.
Dartmouth College

University Does This Ivy League University Give Scholarships? Name of Scholarship or Type of Financial Aid Description of Scholarship Sources
Harvard University Yes Harvard Scholarships Harvard Scholarship uses a combination of resources to create an individualized aid package to meet a students demonstrated need. Harvard University
University of Pennsylvania Yes Penn Grant
Named Scholarship
Penn Grant is a need-based grant.
Named Scholarships are given by donors and are based on eligibility.
Princeton University No Financial aid is offered to meet 100% of demonstrated financial need. N/A Princeton University
Yale University Yes Yale Scholarship Yale Scholarship is a need-based grant. Yale University

3. How Do Ivy Leagues Calculate Demonstrated Financial Need and Eligibility for Scholarships? 

Your demonstrated financial need is calculated by subtracting the student’s Expected Family Contribution (EFC) from their Cost of Attendance (COA). The resulting amount is what will be eligible for financing. 

Note that each Ivy League school also offers assistance through their financial aid office that can help you determine your demonstrated financial need. Once your FAFSA is assessed, you will have a better idea of your eligibility for certain grants and scholarships.

Here are some federal grants that provide financial aid. This support comes from the following:

In addition to federal grants, you may also use external scholarships from private organizations, employers, or foundations towards your Ivy League education. You can also bridge any gaps by applying for student loans and student work programs. 

4. Do Ivy Leagues Give Full Scholarships? 

While Ivy League schools do not offer full scholarships, you might be surprised to find that your Ivy League education can be quite affordable depending on your financial needs. 

Once you have explored all the available sources of funding, you may then apply for need-based scholarships at your Ivy League school of choice. Many Ivy League schools are committed to providing students with scholarships that support 100% of their demonstrated financial need. 

5. Can You Get a Full Scholarship to Harvard?

As mentioned, Ivy League schools do not provide full-ride scholarships – Harvard is no exception. Harvard takes a need-blind approach in their admissions process. This means that financial need does not factor into your acceptance. With this said, Harvard is committed to meeting 100% of your demonstrated financial need upon admission. 

6. Does Yale Offer Full Ride Scholarships?

Just like Harvard and all other Ivy Leagues, Yale does not offer full-ride scholarships. However, the university does award financial scholarships that match their students’ full demonstrated financial need.

7. Which Ivy League Schools Give The Most Financial Aid?

While most Ivy League schools provide need-based scholarships, Ivy League schools such as Brown, Princeton, and Columbia show the most contributions towards financially supporting their students. 

Brown, Princeton, and Columbia offer non-repayable scholarships to meet their students’ financial needs. Depending on a student’s demonstrated needs, this can include full tuition and a percentage of room and board costs. This applies to both domestic and especially international students due to the lack of federal funding.

Final Thoughts

We know that Ivy League Scholarships can be confusing to grasp. With so many resources out there, it can be challenging to know where to start. 

With these frequently asked questions cleared up, you might find financing your Ivy League education a bit more manageable. You now have a better idea of what Ivy League scholarships, grants, and financial aid are available to you.

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