How to Get Into UConn: Acceptance Rate + Tips

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February 16, 2023
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Dreaming of going to the University of Connecticut? Read this guide on how to get into UConn to make that dream a reality!

Nestled in the charming town of Storrs, Connecticut, the University of Connecticut is a highly regarded institution known for its rigorous academic programs and stunning main campus. It was founded in 1880 as an agricultural school and eventually became a university after granting its first four-year Bachelor of Science degree in 1915.

Since then, the university has gone on to become one of the nation’s top-ranking research schools, according to US News, which ranked it 26th among the Top Public Schools.

If you have a soft spot for athletics, you’ll be happy to know that the University of Connecticut values community involvement, particularly sports. In fact, they host one of the annual NCAA basketball tournaments. And for those who want to stay close to the action, 70% of undergraduate students choose to live on campus.

If UConn is at the top of your college list, this article is for you. We’ll guide you through how to get into UConn, making sure to tell you all the pertinent information so that your application is successful.

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How to Get Into UConn

The University of Connecticut is looking for students that show certain qualities; when deciding on acceptances, they look for students with rigor, involvement, performance, and good personal qualities.


To show rigor, you will have to complete the admission requirements to the fullest, making sure that everything UConn is looking for has been done to a high standard. UConn will look at the courses you took in high school to determine if they were at a challenging level.


The second criterion to think about when figuring out how to get into UConn is how involved you were in extracurriculars. The University of Connecticut is looking for students who are highly involved with their school and community. They will be checking to see which clubs and organizations you were a part of and how you gave back to your community.


The University of Connecticut places a strong emphasis on academic performance, so the admissions committee will closely review the grades of applicants. They will be looking for applicants who have demonstrated high achievement throughout their high school careers.

Personal Qualities

Once they’ve looked at your grades, they will then look at your personal qualities to see if you would be a good match for the university environment. 

They want to know about your character and what motivates you to do well as a student and in life. They look to see if you have demonstrated an appreciation of multiculturalism, responsibility, and have empathy towards others.

These four areas are very important to UConn and should be considered when thinking about applying to this university. It is important that your application reflects these characteristics, and if you are able to demonstrate them, then you are likely to get into UConn.

UConn Acceptance Rate & Class Profile

With more than 40,000 first-year applicants across all its campuses, the University of Connecticut is moderately selective, with an acceptance rate of 56%.

The University of Connecticut’s most recent incoming class consisted of 24,000 undergrad students, with 4,100 first-year students and a female-to-male ratio of 57:43. 

UConn is also a racially diverse campus, with 49% of first-year students being from an ethnic or racial minority and 37% being first-generation students, meaning they will be the first in their families to gain a university education.

At the University of Connecticut, only 550 students are enrolled in its highly selective honors programs. This just shows you how academically advanced some programs are and how UConn appreciates academic rigor.

UConn Application Requirements

Here are the UComm application requirements you should be aware of before applying.

High School Course Requirements

The University of Connecticut has some specific academic requirements that students need to meet before they can apply. Students are required to complete college preparatory classes, such as those offered through the AP or IB programs. All first-year applicants must complete the following:

If you’ve completed these academic requirements, then you will be able to apply to UConn.

GPA Requirements

Something to note when applying to UConn is that they do not have a specific GPA requirement for applicants. This is because they recalculate grade point averages as part of their admissions review process. They do this so that the admissions committee can review students using the same metric.

In other words, they recalculate your GPA so that it reflects your academic standing when compared to other schools, not just those you went to school with. All of this being said, the University of Connecticut does value academic achievement, so you should assume that getting good grades is a requirement to enter.

Application Requirement Checklist

Here is a list of UConn’s application requirements:

If you are applying to one of the following special programs, you will have other additional components for your application:

Making sure you have everything in is very important, so make yourself a checklist of these items so that you can check them off your list as they are finished.

Standardized Test Requirements

In terms of standardized tests, the University of Connecticut does not technically require you to take the SAT or ACT, but it does recommend it. If you decide to send in your scores, aim for an SAT score between 1230-1430, or 27 and 33 on the ACT.

Note that about one-quarter of students who are admitted get a higher score than those mentioned above. So if UConn is where you want to go, make sure to take the tests and aim high.

UConn Application Timeline

To apply for the University of Connecticut, there are various deadlines that you need to know. The following table gives you all the information you need to make sure you are able to apply on time.

UConn application timeline dates
Source: UConn

If you are applying to the University of Connecticut keep this table close to make sure you do not miss a deadline.

FAQs: How to Get Into UConn

Still have questions about how to get into UConn? Here are some commonly asked questions and their answers that will give you the information you need.

1. How Hard Is It to Get Into UConn?

It can be moderately competitive to get into the University of Connecticut, but with some hard work, you can have better chances. 

The admissions committee prioritizes students who are involved in their school and community, so having a wide variety of extracurriculars can help you gain admittance. 

Though you’re not required to take the SAT or ACT, if you choose to do them, they will look at those scores to help make their decision about admittance, so it is a good idea to sit the tests. If you’re worried about getting a good enough test score, get a tutor to help!

2. Can You Get Into UConn With a Low GPA?

A low GPA does not necessarily mean that you will not get into UConn, as they adjust applicants' GPAs so that they can be evaluated on equal ground. 

This means that your GPA from high school might change when the university does the adjustments, so try not to worry if you think your GPA might be too low. Also, they take into account what courses you take in high school, so if you are taking very hard courses, this will look good on your application.

3. What is UConn's Out-of-State Acceptance Rate?

Though the acceptance rate for out-of-state students is a bit lower, the total acceptance rate for UConn is 56%. If you’re worried about getting into UConn, remember that they look at the overall rigor, involvement, performance, and personal qualities, so as long as you show these criteria, you will be a shoo-in.

4. Is It Harder to Get Into Penn State or UConn?

It's difficult to determine which is harder to get into, Penn State or UConn, as admission criteria vary. While Penn State has a lower acceptance rate, this is not a reliable indicator of the university being a better fit or easier to get into.

UConn has higher academic requirements and values extracurricular involvement. The ease of admission to either university depends on your individual qualifications and the admission criteria used.

Final Thoughts

Getting into the University of Connecticut is not easy, but through this guide, you should be able to gain acceptance. Remember to show UConn that you are involved in your school and community, as this will help you with your application. By using this guide, we hope that you can follow your dream of becoming the next UConn Husky!

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