Is 810 a Good SAT Score? What You Need to Know

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April 8, 2024
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Is 810 a good SAT score? Understand what makes a good SAT score and how you can improve your SAT score below.

When you’re applying for college, the SAT is one of the best measures to determine your academic abilities. You might be asking, “ Is 810 a good SAT score?” or “How can I improve my SAT score?” 

Many students have these questions in mind, especially if you’ve never taken the test before. The easy answer is that 810 is not a good score – but with some effort and studying, a higher score is achievable. So, is 810 a good score?

Is 810 a good SAT score?

The easy answer is that 810 is not a good SAT score. An 810 SAT score is below the national average of 1050.

But with some clever hacks & SAT preparation, a higher score is achievable. To understand how to achieve a better SAT score, let's cover the basics.

How SAT Scoring Works

The SAT comprises two sections: 

  1. The first half evaluates English skills
  2. The second half tests Math skills 

You’ll get a score for each section which, when combined, represents your SAT score. 

The highest possible SAT score is 1600. College Board gives out different test versions in an individual year as a security feature. Due to the varying difficulty across each version, there is a scaling system in place when calculating the SAT score

SAT Score Percentiles

The next step to determine if an SAT score is good is to compare it to the average across the national data. An 810 SAT score is below the national average (or 50th SAT score percentile), which falls between 1010 to 1050. 

So what's a good SAT score? The 25th percentile falls around 875, while the 75th usually scores around 1155. The majority of students taking the SAT, about 50 percent, fall between 1010 and 1155. 

Can I Get Into College with an 810 SAT Score?

How likely is it that you’ll be accepted to university with an 810 SAT score? Well, it depends on the school. Even an average score may not be good enough for competitive colleges. 

While most universities require an SAT score as part of the application, it's important to understand that schools consider more than just the SAT. Your essays, personal statement, and GPA matter just as much, if not more. 

Keep in mind that SAT exam scores around the country vary considerably.

Colleges for an 810 on the SAT

We’ve listed several 810 SAT colleges below where you’ll be a competitive applicant. 

  • Mercy College of Ohio 
  • Thomas University 
  • Northeastern Illinois University 
  • Gallaudet University 
  • Delaware State University 
  • Chicago State University 
  • Bloomfield College 

How to Improve Your SAT Score

Tips to improve your SAT score

Here are our expert tips on how to improve your SAT score.

Retake the SAT

If you have an 810 SAT score, you should probably retake the SAT. However, don't be disheartened by it, as students can take the SAT multiple times. Set a realistic score goal for your retake according to your target school's average SAT score percentiles. 

Plan A Timeline

Time is a crucial element, and starting your study plan early – the junior year of high school or sooner – can considerably improve your confidence going into the test. It’s recommended that you take the SAT in the spring of your junior year, and then again in the fall of your senior year if a retake is necessary. 

Take Practice Tests

There are many resources for the SAT. Some examples include: 

  • Online practice testing 
  • In-classroom or online tutoring 
  • Test prep in the form of textbooks

The last step before taking the test for real should be a practice exam that is full length. College Board also publishes each yearly exam with the answers, and those can be a great resource. 


Here are some answers to common questions about SAT scores.

1. Can You Take the SAT Multiple Times?

Yes, the SAT can be taken multiple times. You can take and re-take the SAT as many times as you’d like. A fee of $60 is needed to take the test each time, but students who cannot pay may waive the fee. 

2. What Is the Average SAT Score?

The average SAT testing score is between 1010 & 1050. 

3. What is the Highest Possible SAT Score?

1600 is the highest SAT score possible.

Final Thoughts 

When looking at an SAT score, there should be a general list of criteria. If the score is less than 1000, you should go ahead and plan to take the test again. Since 810 is a below-average score, there is no reason not to retake the test. 

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