When Do Berkeley Decisions Come Out?

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April 24, 2024
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Are you feeling anxious about receiving a decision from Berkeley? You’re not alone; spring has students across the world anxiously waiting to receive their university decisions. 

If you’re looking for information on Berkeley decisions, look no further. Here we cover everything you need to know about the Berkeley decisions. The first year admissions were released to potential students on March 28, 2024.

About Berkeley

The University of California Berkeley is a world-renowned educational institution and is considered one of the most prestigious public universities in the US. Established in the year 1868, Berkeley’s stunning green-filled campus overlooks the San Francisco bay. The school is known for its highly rated engineering, physics, environmental science, and economics programs.

Berkeley has been rated the second-best public university in the United States by US News and previously held the top spot for several years. Although the school is not an ivy league university, it is often confused with one due to its high level of prestige, excellent global reputation, and historic campus. 

Berkeley Admissions Requirements

The Berkeley admissions process varies from program to program in terms of requirements but is relatively straightforward. All of the program-specific Berkeley admissions requirements can be found on their website. The minimum freshman admissions requirements for Berkeley are as follows:

  • Meet the A-G subject course requirements
  • Have a 3.0 GPA (3.4 GPA for non-residents) in A-G courses taken in the 10th and 11th-grade years. 

Berkeley states on their website that because the admissions process is competitive, meeting the minimum admission requirements will not equate to having a competitive application. In their holistic selection process, they look for the following factors:

  • “Weighted and unweighted UC GPA (using 10th and 11th UC-approved courses)
  • Planned 12th-grade courses
  • The pattern of your grades over time
  • The number of college preparatory, Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), honors, and transferable college courses you have completed
  • Your level of achievement in those courses relative to other UC applicants at your school
  • Your scores on AP or IB exams and SAT subject exams.”

It should be noted that Berkeley has a test-free admissions policy, so your SAT and ACT scores are not counted toward your application. For more program-specific admissions requirements and facts about Berkeley’s admission process, take a look at the school’s website. 

If you are in the process of applying to Berkeley and are struggling with your application, consider contacting an experienced admissions consultant. Admissions consultants are experts in the admissions process and can assist you with everything from crafting your essays to preparing for your interview. 

When Do Berkeley Decisions Come Out?

UC Berkeley reviews applications on a rolling basis, meaning students can begin submitting applications as soon as the applications are made available (August 1st) up to the November 30th deadline. 

Applications are reviewed and accepted throughout the application window in the rolling admissions process. Because of this, students should apply early to ensure their program doesn’t fill up before the application window has closed. 

Once you’ve submitted your application, it typically takes three to four weeks for the admissions committee to review your application. Here we’ll go over when you can expect Berkeley decisions to come out according to the method you used to apply. 

Early Decision

UC Berkeley does not offer an “early decision” or “early admission” application. However, they do tend to release some decisions earlier than others. In 2024, a batch of early decisions for Berkeley was released on February 29th. However, it is not guaranteed that Berkeley will do so every year.

Because Berkeley uses a rolling admissions decision process, the earlier you send in your application, the more likely your Berkeley decision will be included in their first round of early decisions. That is, if they decide to release some decisions early. 

Regular Decision

Since Berkeley does not offer an early decision program, most Berkeley decisions come out at the same time in March. In 2024 the Berkeley decisions came out March 28, 2024, which is typical of Berkeley’s admissions timeline. In the future, students can expect regular Berkeley decisions to come out late March.


Transfer students can expect a slightly later decision from Berkeley, but only by a couple weeks. Berkeley decisions for Transfer students were released April 19th, 2024. Berkeley transfer decisions are typically released toward the end of April each year. 

What Are the Ways I Can Apply to Berkeley?

Let’s go over the ways you can apply to Berkeley. Note that Berkeley does not have an early decision or early action program, so we will only cover regular decisions and transfers. If you want to know how to get into UC Berkeley, check out our complete guide.

Regular Decision

Most students apply to Berkeley through the regular decision process. You can apply to Berkeley by filling out a UC application, through which you can apply to as many UC campuses as you’d like.


Transfer students must fill out the mandatory forms by the January 31st deadline. Students looking to transfer to Berkeley must also follow the transfer checklist to ensure they’ve met all requirements. The transfer checklist includes the following points:

  • Check the progress of your application online (through the UC Berkeley student application portal)
  • Complete both mandatory forms
  • Make sure the university has your correct, up-to-date information
  • Update your application if necessary
  • Continuously check your email, including junk folders

As stated in the second point, you must complete forms for both UC Berkeley and the University of California to apply for a transfer. You should also ensure that you have completed the necessary prerequisite courses for the program you intend to transfer into, which can be found in the Berkeley Academic Guide.

A full list of transfer requirements is available on the University of California’s Website, along with the mandatory forms you need to fill out. 

FAQs: Berkeley Decisions

Here are our answers to some frequently asked questions about the Berkeley decisions.

1. Have Berkeley Decisions Been Released?

Yes, the class of 2028 Berkeley Decisions were reported to be released on March 28th, 2024, however nothing has been released publicly. A small batch of early decisions were released on February 29th. 2024.

2. Does Berkeley have Early Decision?

Berkeley does not have an early decision or early action application. However, Berkeley uses a rolling admissions process, so the earlier you apply to Berkeley, the earlier you may receive your letter of acceptance. 

3. What is the Earliest I Can Submit My Berkeley Application?

The Berkeley rolling admissions cycle begins on August 1st. You may submit your Berkeley application as soon as it is complete after that date. 

4. What is UC Berkeley’s Application Deadline?

The deadline to submit your application is November 30th. However, Berkeley uses rolling admissions, so it may be a good idea to submit your application early in case spots in your program are full by the application deadline. You can submit your application as early as August 1st. 

5. Can I Submit My Application Late to Berkeley?

If you submit your application past the Berkeley deadline, you risk not being admitted to the school. In special circumstances, you may be able to do so by contacting an academic advisor. However, Berkeley uses rolling admissions meaning your program may be full by the deadline. 

6. When do Berkeley Transfer Decisions Come Out?

UC Berkeley transfer decisions were released on April 19th, 2024. 

Final Thoughts

UC Berkeley’s regular decisions for the current application cycle have already been released. If you have not yet received a decision, or are a transfer student, continue monitoring your email. If you haven’t received a decision by April 19th, consider contacting an admissions advisor at Berkeley. 

Waiting for decisions can be a challenging and anxiety-inducing process. If you haven’t gotten into UC Berkeley in the current cycle, don’t let it discourage you from reapplying. Contacting an expert or talking to your guidance counselor can help you to improve weak areas of your application, and get into your dream school next year. 

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