When Do Drexel Decisions Come Out?

When are Drexel decisions due
May 8, 2024
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If you have applied to Drexel University, this article provides a comprehensive overview of Drexel’s decision release dates, alleviating uncertainty.

Applying to college is filled with anticipation and uncertainty as you eagerly await those all-important admissions decisions. For Drexel University applicants, having insight into decision release timelines can help provide clarity during this anxious period. Knowing when to expect notifications from Drexel allows students to plan ahead more effectively after pouring endless effort into applications.

As the next chapter of your academic journey hangs in the balance, understanding decision schedules can alleviate some stress. Whether you strive for an acceptance letter or simply want to know what's ahead, this guide outlines key dates and details to inform your application process. By diving into Drexel's timeline, you can navigate decisions with your eyes wide open.

About Drexel

Drexel University is a private urban research university with its main campus in vibrant Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a global R1-level Research University, Drexel prides itself on providing unique, comprehensive, experiential learning and rigorous cooperative education programs.

Drexel University has a 9 to 1 student/faculty ratio, making the school’s learning community tightly knit. Drexel seeks to be engaged on a global level, welcoming and nurturing students, scholars, and researchers from any place all over the world. Also,  42% of the school’s enrollment identifies as minorities. 

Drexel University has a mission statement of “preparing each new generation of students for productive professional and civic lives while also focusing the University's collective expertise on solving society's greatest problems.” 

When Do Drexel Decisions Come Out?

If you apply for Regular Decision, you will receive a non-binding decision from Drexel by April 1st. You will have time until June 1 to confirm your acceptance.

Drexel Early Decision

Application Deadline: November 1

Notification Date: By mid-December

Reply Date: January 15

The Early Decision application deadline is November 1. Applicants receive an admission decision by mid-December.

Drexel Early Decision is a binding program, meaning if admitted, students must attend Drexel and withdraw all other college applications

Drexel Early Action

Application Deadline: November 1

Notification Date: By mid-December

Reply Date: June 1

The Early Action program allows students to apply early and receive an early action decision by mid-December, without making a binding commitment to enroll at Drexel if admitted. It gives students more time to consider options compared to the binding Early Decision plan.

Drexel Regular Decision

Application Deadline: January 15

Notification Date: By early April

Reply Date: June 1

Drexel Regular Decision applicants receive admission decisions by April 1 and have until June 1 to commit if admitted. It's a non-binding process with typically more competition than early plans.

The Regular Decision application pool tends to be larger than the Early Decision at Drexel. While applying early can provide a slight boost, Regular Decision applicants go through the same thorough and holistic review process.

Drexel Transfer Decision

Admission for transfer happens on a rolling basis, so it is tricky to pinpoint an exact date that your decision will arrive. However, Drexel allows full-time transfer students to schedule an appointment with an admissions counselor in person to receive their transfer decision faster.

For entry in the fall term (which starts in September), here are all the dates when you can get a transfer decision:

  • Early May 
  • End of May 
  • Mid-June 
  • Early July 
  • End of July 
  • Mid-August 

Please note that scheduling an appointment is only available for prospective full-time students in all but the following three programs:

  • Custom-Designed Major
  • Nursing Accelerated Career Entry (ACE)
  • Westphal College of Media Arts & Design

Students who applied for Westphal College of Media Arts & Design instead have the following options for transfer decision appointments:

  • Mid-May 
  • End of June
  • Mid-July

Therefore, if you want to make your transfer decision quicker, manage your schedule and find an appointment time that suits you best!

Fun fact: all the dates for transfer decisions fall on a Wednesday. 

Ways To Apply to Drexel

You likely know when you can hear back from Drexel once you apply. Now, the next step is to apply. 

Regular Decision

There are three main ways to apply for undergraduate admission to Drexel University:

  • Common Application: This shared application system allows students to submit one application that can be sent to multiple colleges. Both first-year and transfer applicants can apply to Drexel via the Common App.
  • Coalition Application: The Coalition App is another shared application platform that first-year students can use to apply to Drexel. The Coalition App is not available for transfer applicants.
  • Drexel's Application Portal: Transfer applicants also have the option to apply directly through Drexel's own application website. This allows students to apply specifically to Drexel.

Additionally, readmission students who previously attended Drexel need to apply through Drexel's application portal and indicate their readmission status. 

To complete your application, each applicant must submit the following materials:

  • Application fee of $65
  • 250 to 600-word essay (topics and prompts found inside the application portal)
  • Official transcript (must be sent directly from your school)
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Proof of financial responsibilities (international applicants only)

On top of these universal requirements, each applicant may need to submit additional materials depending on their major. For example, applicants for programs in the Westphal College of Media Arts and Design are required to submit a portfolio. Additional information can be found on the official Drexel website. 

Regular applications are due on January 15th, and all required documents must be submitted by this date

Early Decision

Application instructions for early decision and action are the same as a regular application. However, other than applying within the correct time frame, you must also make it clear on your application that you choose early decision (or early action, if that is what you wish). Both early applications are due on November 1st

Transfer Decision 

For transfers, you must complete and apply either the common application or the Drexel University’s admission application portal. 

You must submit the following documents for your transfer application:

  • Official transcripts from each college or university you attended (must include all courses completed and in progress)
  • 250 to 650-word essay on a topic of their choice given by the application portal
  • Proof of Financial Aid (international applicants only)

Note that if you have fewer than 24-semester college credits, you must also submit official transcripts from each high school you have attended.

Like first-year applications, you may also be required to submit additional documents based on the program you plan to transfer to and enroll in. For example, students applying to animation & visual effects, fashion design, game design & production, photography, and others need to submit a portfolio.

FAQs: Drexel Decisions

If you still have questions about the release window of Drexel’s decisions, check out these frequently asked questions. 

1. What Is the Timeline for Regular Decision Applicants at Drexel?

Regular applicants at Drexel will usually receive their admission decision from Drexel by April 1st. Afterward, admitted students must make their decision of whether or not to enroll before June1st. 

2. When Are Early Decision Applicants Notified of Their Admission Decision?

Early-decision applicants receive their admission decision around mid-December. Please remember that this decision is binding, which means if you receive it, you must withdraw your applications to other schools and enroll in Drexel.

If you do not wish to get a binding decision, you must apply for Early Action, which also notifies admission decisions during mid-December. 

3. When Do Transfer Applicants Typically Receive Their Admission Decision from Drexel?

Transfer applicants can receive admission decisions anywhere from early May to mid-August. Please note that you may need to apply for an appointment to get your decision. Specific details can be found on the official Drexel website. 

Final Thoughts

Understanding Drexel’s decision release timelines can provide clarity amid the anticipation of the college admissions process. This guide outlines key dates for Drexel applicants to inform planning and alleviate some uncertainty.

While the waiting period elicits a rollercoaster of emotions, having insights into Drexel’s timetables allows students to approach decisions with eyes wide open. We hope this overview gives applicants confidence to put their best foot forward and make their efforts worthwhile, as the next chapter of their academic journey hangs in the balance. 

Best of luck to all students as admissions decisions approach!

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