When Do IB Scores Come Out? All You Need to Know

When are IB scores released?
May 7, 2024
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Wondering when IB scores come out? Keep reading, and we’ll go through all the IB score release dates!

Taking IB classes can be a great experience for many students. After completing an IB program, students will acquire a far greater breadth of knowledge than the average person.

Even if you decide to pursue post-secondary education outside of America, universities all over the world will recognize your credentials. Therefore, one of the most important things to understand is when your exam scores will come out.

So are you ready to find out when IB scores are released? Let’s find out!

About IB Classes and Exams

IB classes are often compared to AP classes. Unlike AP classes, the IB program is more often taken as several courses. Thus, the structure is a bit more rigid than AP classes. The good news is IB classes let you earn college credits even before you attend post-secondary school.

When considering the IB program as a whole, the duration is roughly two years. Also, when it comes to exams, you’ll be required to be in the IB program to be eligible to write them. This is different from AP, where students can take exams even if they’re not enrolled in classes.

The exams for IB classes account for a significant portion of your final grade. This can range from as much as 70-80%. Since the vast majority of your assessment comes from your exam mark, there aren’t that many opportunities to make up for a poor exam performance. Also, remember your weighted GPA considers IB classes.

When Do IB Scores Come Out?

IB scores come out on July 6th, 12:00 GMT for the May exam, and December 16th, 9:00 GMT for the November exam. Overall, the processing time should be under three months for when IB scores come out.

When IB results come out depends on when you write your exam.There are two opportunities students have to write IB exams every calendar year, and two different dates scores come out. The first session occurs early in the middle of the year, during May. The second occurs much later, during November. 

What is a Good IB Score?

IB scores generally range between one to seven. Although colleges vary on what exact score they require for granting college credits, higher scores are seen as more competitive. Make sure you take the time to research which school you’re interested in and see their exact policies on the IB program.

For some insight, the average IB diploma grade was 5.19. This means scoring anywhere above this range will put you above the mean. Even if you’re unable to achieve a perfect grade, showing that you’re able to perform better than the average student can impress colleges.

In addition, around 89% of students end up passing the IB diploma and the mean score hovers around 30 for the entire program. Though the IB decided to discontinue releasing data highlighting how many students achieved the highest grades, in a past session, around 15k of the total 85k IB diploma candidates earned a diploma grade in the range of 40 to 45 points. 

Remember, schools like the Ivy Leagues expect high IB scores if you take them.

How to Check Your IB Score?

It is simple to learn how to access IB scores. The first thing you want to do is get your login credentials from your program coordinator. It’s important to remember that these change each session. So, even if you took IB exams the year prior, you’ll need to access your updated credentials each year.

Once you have your login information, head over to the IB Candidate website. From there, you’ll be able to see a link to access the results from whichever session you took the exam in. Once you click your relevant session, enter your login credentials. Be sure to enter capital and lowercase letters correctly.

After accepting the terms and conditions, you’ll be able to click the results button or tab. Remember, if you’d like to know how to check IB scores for older sessions, you’ll need to use the login credentials that correspond with that session. In order to do this, return to the candidate homepage and click on the button that directs you to the older session.

How IB Classes and Scores Impact College Admission

IB classes and scores can make you a much more competitive candidate for college admissions. It’s important to consider that the IB program is more of a commitment than something like AP. If you’re unsure if you can handle the investment and workload of the IB program, it may be worth considering something more flexible like AP. That being said, students who successfully complete IB programs are recognized by universities all over the world. Going above and beyond traditional high school requirements shows you have the grit and work ethic to succeed in more demanding academic environments. 

Furthermore, IB students are also appealing to colleges due to their broad acquired knowledge. Throughout the program, you’ll learn critical research skills. In addition, IB students develop values like community service and outreach, painting them as model citizens for educational environments.

IB Score Release Date FAQs:

Still wondering when are IB scores released? Well, keep reading! Our expert answers should resolve any remaining questions.

1. How To Submit IB Scores To Colleges?

IB scores can be submitted to colleges through rrs.ibo.org. If you’d like to send your results before they’re released, talk to your coordinator.

2. How Is the IB Score Calculated?

The IB score is calculated from the composite score of all six IB classes plus the theory of knowledge essay and extended essay.

3. What Is The Highest IB Result?

Seven is the highest IB score per subject, while 45 is the highest result for the entire IB diploma.

4. When Will IB Scores Be Released?

IB scores will be released on December 16th at 9:00 GMT for November 2024 exam dates.

5. How Does the IB Results Affect College Admissions?

IB results can get you admitted to colleges and earn you college credits.

Final Thoughts: When IB Scores Come Out

When IB scores come out depends on when you wrote the exam. If you wrote your exam in May, your score will come out in July. If you wrote it in November, then your score will be available in December.

Getting your IB score can make all the difference in knowing how colleges will see you as an applicant. Although any IB graduate is impressive, scoring higher often means getting college credits faster and for less money.

Even if you scored less than you had ideally hoped, it’s nothing to be worked up over. Sometimes the best place to start is by knowing when to reach out for help with admission experts when you need it. 

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