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Personalized College Transfer Counseling

Our end-to-end transfer application counseling services are designed to help you create, tailor, and perfect transfer applications to the nation’s most competitive colleges. Our transfer admissions counselors refine every part of your application to ensure it’s high-quality and compelling, from your personal statements to your interviews. 
Our end-to-end college application counseling gives you the tools and expert editing you need to gain acceptance to the most selective undergraduate programs. We customize every part of your application and perfect it, from the CommonApp to your interviews and more.
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Exclusive Guide - Receive your FREE college admissions guide today to demystify the process and get accepted at your dream school!
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Assistance For Every Part Of Your Transfer Application

Our team is ready to guide you throughout the application process, from the smallest pieces to the largest aspects. Our expert college transfer counselors will help you craft a customized college list and write masterful narratives showing your fit and why you’re the best candidate, all while ensuring your application documents portray you as a stand-out applicant. 
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Customized Application Plans For Every Candidate

Every student is unique – they have individual needs, preferences, schedules, and other responsibilities to stay on top of. That’s why our project plans are built from the ground up to ensure your transfer application is ready for submission before the deadline. 

A Personalized Approach With You In Mind

No transfer application or applicant will ever be the same. Our transfer application support services ensure every candidate’s application is reviewed in the context of their unique profile and experiences. We analyze your academic standing, cultural/professional background, and the schools you select to ensure your application is tailored to perfection.
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One-On-One Support From Our Admissions Specialists

Working with us means you get the personal support you need. Once a Quad college transfer consultant has assessed your documents, we will schedule a call to explain suggested changes and give you actionable advice to improve your profile. Our college transfer advisors are here to answer all your questions.

Every Transfer Application Component, Expertly Taken Care Of

Pre-application support

Pre-application Support

Analyze your most compelling extracurriculars 
Craft application narrative
Determine, engage, and guide recommenders 
Build project plan 
Create best-fit school list 
Application writing and editing

Transfer Application Crafting and Fine-tuning 

Personal statement
Supplemental essays
Comprehensive editing for every application document 
Interview prep

Interview Preparation

Interview simulations 
Admissions committee-style preparation

From Start To Finish: The Main Steps Of Our Transfer Application Counseling Service


1. Identify Best-Fit Colleges


2. Create Application Strategy


3. Draft Application


4. Edit and Iterate


5. Prepare for Interviews


6. Decide Which College to Attend

Quad Transfer Application Support Program

Our Programs

Number of Applications
Personal, Dedicated Admissions Counselor
Applicant Persona Development (Narrative Development)
Balanced College List Creation (Safety/Target/Reach)
Strategic Positioning on Major Selection
Common App/UC App/Coalition App/MIT App Support
Selecting, Positioning & Editing Activities For Honors List - Edits & Counselor Sessions
Strategic Selection of Essay Prompts
Crafting Storyline, Editing, Drafting & Reviewing Personal Statements - Edits & Counselor Sessions
Letters of Recommendation Support
Strategic Angular Positioning For Supplemental Essays Based On Each School's Culture and Values
Crafting Storylne, Editing, Drafting & Reviewing Supplemental Essays - Edits & Counselor Sessions
School Specific Interview Simulation - Mock Sessions



















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Transfer Counseling FAQ's

When should I start working on my application?

Crafting the perfect transfer application takes time; you need to fill in your activities list, write a personal statement, craft supplemental essays, participate in interviews, and find recommenders. How much time you need depends on various factors, such as your target colleges, your writing and editing proficiency, and how busy your schedule is. 

We’ve worked with students with differing needs – some students finished their applications in two months, whereas others used eight. However, from what we’ve seen working with countless transfer applicants, we recommend starting the application process at least four months prior to the deadline. This gives you enough time to craft and refine your application to increase your chances of acceptance. 

How will Quad's college transfer counselors help me successfully transfer colleges?

Through our vast network of expert college admissions counselors, we stay on top of intake criteria, requirement changes, and other important insights into the nation’s top colleges. Receiving these insights early helps us (and you) tailor your application documents to align with top schools’ expectations. 

How does working with Quad give me an edge over other applicants?

Through our vast network of Admissions Counselors, Graduate Coaches, and Quad alumni, we are able to have our finger on the pulse and see what’s going on at top colleges.

These insights are early and relevant, and they benefit you. We know before anyone else when and how the Admissions Committee at an institution is changing the intake criteria. We can use this to help to craft a relevant story.

How long does it take to transfer colleges? 

The college transfer application process can take time – transfer application deadlines typically fall between March and July. We recommend starting your application at least four months before the deadline, but you can begin working on your application as early as the summer before your classes. 

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The Quad Factor: Working with us can increase your chances of admission by 11x!

The Best of the Best: Our team comprises of only 99th percentile tutors and admissions counselors from top-ranking universities, meaning you work with only the most experienced, talented experts.

The Free Consultation: Our experts would love to get to know you, your background, goals, and needs. From there, they match you with a best-fit consultant who will create a detailed project plan and application strategy focused on your success.