When Do MIT Decisions Come Out?

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August 28, 2023
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In this article, we will go over the dates for MIT Decisions! Please note that this article is for the application round for Fall 2023. So we don’t have the exact dates yet, but we will update this article as soon as the specific official dates are made public.  

It’s almost that time again. Summer vacation is right around the corner, and if you’re planning to apply to university, now would be an excellent time to start preparing. If I were to ask you the question: “What is the university of your dreams?” what are the chances you would answer with a non-Ivy League school?  

We all know that “Ivy League” is synonymous with “prestigious universities with the best education that the country has to offer.” But when it comes to post-secondary educational glory, Ivy League schools also have their own competition to face. Take the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, for instance.

About MIT

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, known as MIT for short, is a private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Dedicated to education, research, technology, and innovation, MIT offers the most cutting-edge education in science, mathematics, engineering, technological studies, computer sciences, and many more.

MIT has over 30 departments, spread across five schools and one college, offering one of the most fulfilling learning experiences for students. MIT programs offer abundant growth opportunities in a wide variety of areas. Even in programs unrelated to math and technology, MIT is dedicated to offering the most invaluable learning experiences

MIT isn’t just an excellent place for education but also a powerhouse of research. The school offers many programs with research opportunities that will enhance education. In fact, MIT was founded back in 1961 to accelerate the USA’s industrial revolution.

Despite not being an Ivy League school, MIT is as good as one. Maybe even better. MIT rivals Harvard in terms of prestige, reputation, faculty richness, and education quality. Just google “MIT or Harvard,” and you can see.  

Unfortunately, MIT doesn’t just rival Ivy League schools for education quality and bright future promises. The selection process is just as rigorous and competitive. However, if your future involves mathematics, computers, or any kind of technology, then education at MIT is well worth all your troubles applying.

When Do MIT Decisions Come Out?

Now, you might be wondering how long it would take to hear back from MIT if you were to apply. After all, everyone knows the agonizing stress of waiting to hear back from universities. But worry no more.

Below we’ll answer all your questions regarding when MIT releases its admission decisions! If you’re looking for expert tips on how to improve your MIT application, take a look at our complete guide to MIT.

When Does MIT Release Early Action Decisions?

Early Action applicants will receive their admissions decisions around mid-December.

Note that in addition to getting accepted or rejected, it is also possible to get deferred. A deferred college application means that you aren’t admitted, but you will be put in the pool of regular applicants, and your application will be re-evaluated with them. 

When Does MIT Release Regular Action Decisions? 

Regular Action applicants will receive their admissions decision around mid-March. 

In March 2021, MIT released a blog stating that regular admission decisions will now be released on Pi day, March 14th (because Pi is approximately 3.14). However, this is up to reschedule and changes, so be aware. 

When Does MIT Release Transfer Application Decisions?

The date you get your transfer admission decision depends on whether you applied for fall or spring entry. 

Applicants who applied for spring entry are notified of admissions decisions during mid-November. In contrast, fall entry transfer applicants receive their admission decisions during early May.

Ways to Apply to MIT

For first-year applicants, who enter university once the following fall term begins, there is an “Early Action” option and a “Regular Action” option. Regardless of which way you apply, the reviewing process is identical for both options. 

You are eligible for transfer application if you have already finished high school education and completed at least one year of post-secondary education. 

Let’s take a detailed look at each application option. 

Early Action 

Early Action is an application option for all applicants, domestic and international. As the name suggests, it is for applicants who wish to apply and get admission decisions earlier than regular applicants. MIT’s Early Action does not have any restrictions or bindings. Thus, if you apply for Early Action, you are free to apply for early options at other schools. 

But be aware of any restrictions and bindings of Early options at other schools, for they may still affect your MIT early application. For example, if you applied for another school with “single choice” Early Action, your application for MIT may need to be forfeited. 

Early Action usually ends in late October to early November. Whenever the date is, you must complete and submit your full application profile and all the required documents by that date. 

Regular Action

Regular Action is the application option for those wishing to apply during the regular application round. Much like Early Action, there are no application restrictions or bindings if you wish to take this application option. 

The deadline for Regular Action is usually around the beginning of January. You must complete and submit your entire application profile and all required documents by the actual deadline.

Transfer Application

Unlike the first-year application options where you can only apply for fall entry, transfer application for domestic applicants is available for both spring and fall entry. For spring entry, you may begin your program in February. 

However, applying for spring entry transfer is not available for international applicants with foreign citizenship. They may only apply for fall entry. 

Whether you’re applying for spring or fall entry, there are no bindings or restrictions. If you are applying for spring entry, the deadline to complete and submit everything is usually around mid-November; for fall entry, the deadline for completion and submission is around mid-March.

FAQ: When Do MIT Decisions Come Out?

If you need more information on MIT decisions, look at our answers to these frequently asked questions!

1. If I Am Still in High School but have Finished One Year’s Credit in College, Can I Apply for a Transfer Application?

No. You must have already completed high school to qualify as a transfer applicant. Students who have yet to finish high school can only be first-year applicants regardless of how many university courses they’ve completed.

2. Can MIT Decisions Only Be Viewed Online?

Yes, MIT decisions are exclusively available online. MIT never releases decisions via any other method, such as email or mail. But you may get documents relevant to admission following the release of your decisions!  

3. Does MIT Always Release Decisions on Pi Day?

An official MIT blog post released on March 14th, 2021, states that MIT releases admission decisions for regular applicants on March 14th, Pi day. Unless any changes or updates get announced, this will likely stay the same for 2023. 

4. When is the Deadline For Enrollment Decisions?

Students who are offered admission must inform MIT of their enrollment decision by May 1

5. Can I Delay My Enrollment to MIT?

Yes. If you get admitted, you don’t have to attend your program immediately in the upcoming fall term. You can defer your enrollment by one or two years, but you must submit a formal request for deferment to the MIT Dean of Admissions. Usually, if you provide an apparent reason, your request will be accepted!

Finishing Thoughts

And that is all you need to know about when MIT releases its admission decisions! Time is ticking, and it waits for nobody. Opportunities come and go, and they never return for anyone. MIT is a school made by elites, for elites. If you dream of attending this top-tier institute of technology, cherish the time you have to prepare! 

And once again, if you need help, your teachers, advisors, and counselors are there to help you! Best wishes on your road to college application! Your efforts and hard work will bear fruit!

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