Grace Dhanraj

Admissions Counselor, Harvard University

Grace is an admissions coach based in New York City. She is currently a Venture Capital Investor with a focus on Healthcare Technology. Grace completed her MBA at Harvard Business School and her Bachelor of Arts in Applied Mathematics in Economics, and a Citation in French Language from Harvard University. 

During her senior year at Harvard College, she was accepted into the 2+2 program for Harvard Business School, which allowed her the flexibility to explore her passions and career options before returning to Business School. After graduation, she worked for 3 years at JPMorgan Asset Management in New York as a Junior Portfolio Manager for the Multi-Asset Solutions Group. She later moved to Australia to explore the world of Venture Capital.

Grace has always been passionate about mentoring and teaching others. Outside of coaching, she tutors high school students in New York and guides college applicants through the rigorous application process while helping them identify their key strengths. 

While at JPMorgan, she was also an avid recruiter for top diversity talent from undergraduate universities, particularly focusing on increasing representation for women at the firm. At HBS, she secured the role of Director of Education for the Women in Investing Club, bringing graduate women together to learn key skills for any type of investment role. Grace hopes to continue this community of learning and mentorship and encourage self-reflection and development throughout the entire process of working with students.

Outside of work, Grace enjoys exploring the city, playing violin, and expanding her reading list. She also loves to travel and learn about different cultures as much as possible.