Early Decision/Early Action Rejection Analysis and Expert Feedback

Receiving a rejection or deferral notice from your first-choice ED/EA program may be a setback, but it isn’t the end of your journey. Whether you’re gearing up to submit your regular decision applications or wondering how to improve for the next cycle, our expert admissions counselors are ready to analyze your application, assess what went wrong, and provide actionable advice on what you can do to fortify it for next time.
Want to know how the Admission Committee will evaluate your application? Our service gives you detailed feedback on the complete application from former Admissions Committee members.

We provide actionable next steps to improve every aspect of your application right from grammar and clarity to content and story flow so that when you hit the submit button you know you have given your best.
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Improve Your College Profile Before Upcoming Regular Decision Deadlines

We understand that there’s not much left before regular decision deadlines. That’s why our team is dedicated to quick turnaround times, ensuring we identify and rectify weaknesses in your early application to better tailor your documents before regular decision deadlines. We’re committed to excellent, swift guidance delivered around your busy schedule.
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Every College Application Document, Meticulously Assessed

Our experts thoroughly analyze every application document to ascertain what led to your rejection or deferral. We provide actionable feedback based on our assessment to make individualized, meaningful improvements to your application.

Receive Expert Recommendations On How To Turn Your Application Around

Our tailored feedback ensures you can make impactful changes to your application documents before you apply to regular decision programs or reapply for the next cycle. We consider all aspects of your application package, from your transcripts and personal statement to your extracurricular activities lists and supplemental essays.
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Boost Your Chances of College Acceptance

Top colleges generally have low acceptance rates; we do everything possible to give you the best shot at getting in. Our expert insights help give you the competitive edge you need to perfect your regular decision applications or get ahead for the next application cycle.

Expert Guidance From Seasoned College Admissions Counselors

Our expert counselors have reviewed thousands of college applications, meaning they have the experience to pinpoint your improvement areas and develop an action plan. During your 60-minute kickoff call, your counselor will outline precisely what you can do to stand out. We’re here to answer all your questions and prepare you for the next steps!
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Who is the Early Decision/Early Action Rejection Analysis and Expert Feedback service for?

Acceptance rates at top colleges are generally low; even with a fairly strong application, it’s no surprise that many qualified students are rejected or deferred through early decision or early action each cycle.

If you’re ready to put your best foot forward in your regular decision applications, we’re here to help ensure you have the best chance of acceptance. We also help students planning to apply to their dream school again next cycle.

If you want to avoid repeating college application mistakes, identify how to improve your profile, and strategically position yourself as the ultimate candidate, this service is for you!

How is my college application analyzed?

We understand that receiving a college rejection letter (or deferral) can be disheartening. That’s why our expert admissions counselors carefully review each application document. We evaluate your application narrative and academic/non-academic experiences to assess whether your documents reflect a differentiated, compelling profile. 

We evaluate your Common or Coalition Application, personal statement, and supplemental essays for grammar, tone, word usage, sentence structure, and more. Finally, we evaluate everything together, including your test scores, transcripts, essays, and all other documents, to provide holistic feedback on how you can improve your profile.

What has the success rate been like for applicants who used this service in the past?

It is pretty common for applicants who use the college application rejection analysis and feedback service to work with us through one of our end-to-end consulting packages. 

These candidates are up to 9.4x more likely to be accepted at a top college. Several go on to attend Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stanford, and others.

Can you help me craft my regular decision college applications?

Yes! After we conduct our personalized analysis of your college profile, you can decide whether you want more support as you navigate your regular decision applications.

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