What Colleges Are Open for Tours? Your Guide

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December 18, 2023
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What colleges are open for tours? What should you expect during a college visit? This article will tell you everything you need to know about college tours!

When preparing and completing college applications, an applicant must narrow down the list of schools they want to apply to. Getting to know a college is one of the biggest parts of making this decision, and when it comes to doing college research, a lot of information can be found directly on a school’s website. 

But sometimes, online sources don’t give you the full picture. You might need something more up close and personal, which is where college tours come in. College tours allow you the opportunity to be at the campus yourself and ask any questions that you have in person.     

Visiting the campus of a school can either make or break your entire college decision. That’s why it’s very important to make the most out of the experience and get as much useful information as possible.

Therefore, applicants should be prepared. In this article, we will break down colleges that are currently open for tours. We’ll also give you tips on what you should expect and how you best prepare for college tours.

Colleges Open For Tours

Wondering if any colleges are hosting on-site campus tours? You’ve come to the right place.

Let’s go over what colleges are open for tours in 2024. Here is a list of some of the popular colleges:

School Name Location Virtual Or In-Person?
Brown University Providence, RI In-Person
California Institute of Technology Pasadena, CA Both
Cornell University Ithaca, NY Both
Dartmouth College Hanover, NH Both
Duke University Durham, NC Both
Harvard University Cambridge, MA Both
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Cambridge, MA In-Person
Northeastern University Boston, MA Both
Northwestern University Evanston, IL Both
Princeton University Princeton, NJ In-Person
Rice University Houston, TX Both
Stanford University Stanford, CA Both
University of California - Berkeley Berkeley, CA In-Person
University of California - Davis Davis, CA In-Person

School Name Location Virtual Or In-Person?
University of California - Irvine Irvine, CA Both
University of California - Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA Both
University of California - San Diego San Diego, CA Both
University of California - Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, CA Both
University of Chicago Chicago, IL Both
University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA Both
Ohio Wesleyan University Delaware, OH Both
Pepperdine University Malibu, CA Both
Pitzer College Claremont, CA Both
Pomona College Claremont, CA Both
Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester, NY Both
Sacred Heart University Fairfield, CT Both
Salve Regina Newport, RI Both
Scripps College Claremont, CA Both

School Name Location Virtual Or In-Person?
Seton Hall University South Orange, NJ Both
Sewanee: The University of the South Sewanee, TN Both
Skidmore College Saratoga Springs, NY Both
Smith College Northhampton, MA Both
SMU Dallas, TX Both
St. John’s University Queens, NY Both
TCU Forth Worth, TX Both
The College of Wooster Wooster, OH Both
The University of Ohio Columbus, OH Both
Trinity College Hartford, CT Both
Tufts University Medford, MA Both
Tulane University New Orleans, LA Both
Union College Schenectady, NY Both
United States Military Academy West Point, NY Both

School Name Location Virtual Or In-Person?
University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL Both
University of Arizona Tuscon, AZ Both
University of Arkansas Fayetteville, AR In-person
University of Florida Gainsville, FL In-person
University of Georgia Athens, GA Both
University of Miami Coral Gables, FL In-person
University of Michigan Ann Arbor, MI In-person
University of Richmond Richmond, VA Both
University of Rochester Rochester, NY In-person
University of Texas Austin Austin, TX In-person
University of Virginia Charlottesville, VA In-person
University of Wisconsin Madison Madison, WI In-person
UT Knoxville Knoxville, TN In-person
Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN Both

School Name Location Virtual Or In-Person?
Washington University in St. Louis Clayton, MO In-Person
Vassar College Poughkeepsie, NY Both
Wake Forest University Winston-Salem, NC In-Person
Washington and Lee University Lexington, VA In-Person
Wentworth Institute of Technology Boston, MA Both
Wesleyan University Middletown, CT Both
Whitman College Walla Walla, WA In-Person
Williams College Williamstown, MA Both
Yale University New Haven, CT Both

These are a few examples of many schools that offer college tours, either virtual, in-person, or both! Simply follow their steps to register, and you’ll be ready for a visit!

What To Expect From College Tours

As you can see from this list of colleges offering on-site campus tours, there's a variety of ways to experience and learn about these institutions.

College tours usually include information sessions and a campus visit-and-tour. An information session has an admission representative giving you or your group various information about the college. Information sessions usually happen before and/or after the campus tour. 

The campus tour, as the name suggests, has an admission representative taking you and your group around the campus. You’ll get the opportunity to see the main parts of the campus, including classrooms, libraries, sports facilities, and dormitories.

On some college tours, you can get a chance to meet certain people in the university. This can include professors, admission officers, financial aid officers, facility members, students, and so on. 

During both the campus tour and the information session, you will have many chances to ask questions about the campus. These are valuable chances to get answers and information that you couldn’t easily find through online research.  

Note that campus tours can vary greatly in time; some are only one hour long, others can last from morning to night, and there are even campus tours that allow you to spend the night in a dorm room. 

Specific details about the length and schedule of the entire college tour should be provided prior to the actual date of the tour. 

Be Ready!

Going on college tours is a great opportunity to learn more about the school’s academics, the application process, available facilities, and much more. If you ask the right questions, you can gather all sorts of valuable information that no website could offer! 

It’s very important to be prepared before the college tour, so you can get the most out of it. As mentioned before, you’ll get to visit most, if not all, parts of the campus. Getting to know the school before the tour lets you find out which questions you need to ask. 

Make the most out of it and avoid asking questions that are redundant or could be easily answered with a quick Google search. College tour guides often say there’s no such thing as a “stupid question,” but that doesn’t mean you can’t be more efficient with choosing which questions to ask. So be sure to select your questions wisely!

Group of students on college tour

FAQs: What Colleges Are Open for Tours

Hopefully, now you know everything you wanted to know about college tours. But in case you still want more, check out these FAQs!

1. Are UC Schools Open for Tours?

Yes! Here’s a list of UC schools that are open for college tours:

Be sure to take a look at the school’s website for more information. 

2. When Should You Start College Touring?

You should definitely start before your senior year in high school begins. Touring during grade 10 or 11 is optimal, but make sure you manage your schedule well.

3. Do College Tours Cost Anything?

Usually, the colleges don’t charge you. But you can still see expenses for travelling, food, and sometimes staying the night. Plan out your tours and keep note of anything that costs you.

4. Do Colleges Offer Tours During Summer Vacation?

Yes. Summer is an excellent time to visit campuses due to students usually having no school work to deal with, and you don’t have to ask for a day off at school. Many schools offer campus tours during the summer.

5. Does It Matter What You Wear For A College Tour?

Not really. Casual clothes are just fine. College tours are informal events.

Final Thoughts

And that is everything you need to know about college tours! Going on college tours is a great way to learn more about a school before you submit an application. You’ll get a feel of the campus and what the school is like and answer any burning questions that you may have. It’s not a formal event, so take it easy, prepare yourself well, and have fun! 

Hopefully, this article answers all of your questions and concerns. Good luck with your college applications!

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